December 25, 2011

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - the new allaround wonder oil in my bathroom

Olive oil  has really cut down my product accumulation and has helped me to save me few Euros. Give it a  go yourself , but  make sure, you use only good quality  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and preferably organic.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used as:

Eye Make-up Remover 
It wipes off the whole eye  makeup almost in one go and leaves the fragile skin around eyes so moisturised.  Its especially great for waterproof  eye make up, but have to say,  it does cause a somewhat blurry eye effect...

Eye Cream
 Before bed time,  I dot few drops around my eyes and lids and massage them gently in,  the fine lines around my eyes seem to have disappeared since I started using the oil. The oil might not be suitable in the morning, since it could smear your eye make up.

Hot Oil Treatments
 I personally like to mix mine with coconut oil and it's great. Also,if you apply some in your hair and brush through before you shampoo it banishes dry flaky scalp.

Bust and Décolleté Serum
I massage the oil into my skin around bust and décolleté,the skin feels now after 8 months use  much firmer and smoother, and the light strech marks are disappearing.
Facial Massage Oil
I am addicted to facials ( DYS facials that is, no money to spare)  I massage my face for about 15 minutes everyday ( in front of the telly on the sofa). I like to remove the oil residue after the massage and apply my  Imagine Vitamin C  repair cream.

Face and Body Exfoliator
for gentle exfoliaton mix with sugar, for more abrasive exfoliation  use salt.

Make-up Brush Cleanser
works like a charm, the brushes are squeaky clean and soft.

Tell me about your experience with Olive oil? Any tips for me?

                                            xxx Marina

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