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January 26, 2015

7 Makeup Mistakes most women make ( and how to fix them)

In this video I will show you the most common makeup mistakes women make - are you guilty of THEM? 

As a makeup artist, I love looking at women's faces and I often imagine what I would  do with them   (makeup-wise of course!). Everyday I see women wearing the the foundation either light or to dark, cheeks contoured with a blush, eyeshadow and eye pencil unblended and lips overdrawn.  And don't get me even started at those HD-Brows- seriously who came up with that idea? When I see someone sporting those monstrous angry bird brows, I almost can't resist the urge to attack them with a facial wipe and start screaming to stop doing this to themselves!

But seriously, makeup correctly applied can make you look younger and well rested as if you had your 8 hours sleep. On the other hand, incorrectly applied it will add years to your face and will makeup you look tired.

In the video clip I am using the same products, the only difference is the application. See for yourself how much only a small step can change your face. 

Hope you like the video and have learned something new! 

xxx Marina 

January 12, 2015

Cara Delavingne inspired Smokey Eye - Tutorial

Cara Delavingne must be the coolest chick on the planet - I mean the coolness starts already with her name ... doesn't it just sound so übercool! And by the way it takes a true talent to look fabulous  with the most ridiculous face expressions!

I love her makeup, think her makeup artist always brings out her amazing cat eyes - I don't think that she generally wears that much makeup when she is off the runway.
In this video, I recreated her signature makeup look - the smokey eye - its very easy to do and suitable for everyday!

 Bourjois - Healthy Mix Foundation No 53
 LACURA Concealer MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - light
 MAC Blush - Tenderling
 MAC Cream Base - Hush
 Charlotte Tilbury Rock'n'Roll Kohl Pencil
 MAC Paint Pot - Constructivist 
YSL Effect Faux Cils Volume Mascara 
 Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick - Beige trench

Hope you like the look!

xxx Marina 

January 05, 2015

Matte Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Matte smokey eye is always flattering - it  suits all occasions looks  and looks great worn during the day and night. This is one of my favorite looks that I wear often, especially during the day. 
This would make a fabulous makeup look for a autumn and winter wedding. 

Here is the video for the look: 

Supercover Concealer/Corrector Wheel
 Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - No 201
 Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - light
 Bobbi Brown Bronzer
 MAC Blush - Pinch O'Peach Lancome Rouge in Love 340b Rose Boudoir
 colour me beautiful - eye base
 Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow - Cocoa
 Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow - Caviar
 Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara
 Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift - Cara D

Hope you like the look!

xxx Marina 

January 02, 2015

Clarins The Essentials Makeup Palette - Review

Clarins The Essentials is a must-have palette containing 10 x 1,5g mineral powder eye shadows. Pure, neautral shades in matte, satin and pearl finishes with an ultra-soft texture suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes, they are all ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested.
The palette includes a mirror and natural wood brush with dual applicator - one for defining the eye and one for shading and blending. This is a really good quality eyeshadow brush and not some cheap, useless, throw-away applicator.

There is a good mix of matte, satin and shimmery eyeshadows and they all complement each other, have a good pigmentation and blend very well together. You can easily go from day to night: this box also includes a an smokey eye chart and what number colours to use to create them - painting by numbers literally. I also love the creme golden eyeshadow in the center of the palette, it's so soft and creamy ( obviously) and it looks amazing applied to the centre of the lid and the inner corner of the eye and the best thing is it stays there for the day ( or night).

And tadaaa... here is the look I created with the palette! 

The only downside is that the box is made of cardboard so not sure how durable it will be for carrying around when I am doing makeup on locations.

 This Essential Palette is truly essential – and it want break the bank - it’s only €42!
Available at most Department Stores in Ireland.

xxx Marina 

December 29, 2014


Have you heard of the Karora CC cream? If you are looking for an alternative for a self-tan then read on!

Karora CC cream is a first-to-market colour correcting camouflage (skincare + makeup) for face and body (legs, arms and décolletage) with a formulation that offers waterproof and transfer resistant coverage for red and blotchy skin, acne, spider and varicose veins, stretch marks, bruises and cellulite. The formula evens out skin tone and enhances natural color, so imperfections naturally disappear under the cream's lightweight matte finish.  Suitable for all skin types.

Not only the  CC Cream  gives you a healthy color to your face and your libs, its also blended with skin tone correcting botanicals of green tea leaf extract, jojoba seed oil, argan oil and acai berry to rejuvenate the skin.  Skin tone-correcting botanicals provide long-term correction and a hydration injection so an all over even flawless skin finish and improved textures is achieved. You gotta love multi-tasking products, especially the ones with the anti-ageing benefits.

You can see the pigments mixed with the cream.

I usually hate self -tan products -  there I said it, so shoot me, but I really do. Because they never do what they are supposed to do - give me that healthy sun-kissed look everyone wants, is that really to much to ask for?  Instead I always end up looking like I've have bathing in carrot juice for days - orange and muddy! And the worst part is when the color starts to wear off, you might think I was showering in the dark and had missed few spots with the bath sponge.

Good news is, that hasn't been the case with the Karora CC Cream - the color applied evenly like a dream  and stayed in place all night. Equally, it washed off next day, no problem;  there were no tan patches to be seen. The cream also contains tiny shimmer particles that give the most beautiful sheen to the skin. Karora CC Cream is just that I want in any sun-tan. 

Left no tan. Right Karora CC Cream. Obviously! :) 
 Face: apply a tiny amount of cc cream to moisturised skin and blend in gently to ensure even coverage. 

Body: apply directly onto mitt and apply in long sweeps blending into skin to ensure even coverage. 

 For product application videos go to  click here & for Glow Perfection Tips visit

I really love the Karora CC Cream, yes the price €24,99 for 100 ml is slightly on the expensive side, but if you get spray-tans on regular basis it would work out cheaper. 
This is a instant tan for girls who don't like self-tan, like myself! And a perfect solution for a last minute tan if you can't book an appointment anywhere. Highly recommended. 

 Available at: Lloyds Pharmacies, Sam McCauleys, McCabes and pharmacies nationwide.

xxx Marina 

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