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October 31, 2014

Easy Zombie Tutorial for Halloween

It's Halloween! And it's  on Friday this year! I mean how often does that happen! What is everyone doing tonight? If you are still looking for costume and don't want spent loads of money on it, dressing up as a zombie is your best bet. All you need it some old clothes that you can smear with fake blood, face paint and liquid latex - all ready available in costume shops and I have also seen them in some penny shops. So there is no excuse not to dress up!

I have recorded a YouTube video how to do an easy Zombie Makeup - it will not take you longer than 15 minutes.

Liquid Latex
Brown/Plum Eyeshadow
Facepaint ( it must include colors red/purple and black ) 

What is everyone doing tonight? And what are you dressing up as? 

xxx Marina 

October 30, 2014

My favourite Red Lipsticks for Autumn and Winter

In Autumn and Winter, I tend to wear red lipstick more often - I suppose it gives bit of warmth and color in the dull winter months. Also red lipstick never seems to go out of fashion and it suits every occasion.  I probably own over 100 lipsticks ( I am a makeup artist and I need them... all), so  it was very hard to limit the stack to only three lipsticks, but these are the ones that I have been wearing most lately and one of them is always in my bag.

Tom Ford  Lipstick - Black Orchid
Black Orchid is a vampy deep berry red with blue undertones. The formula is very long lasting and yet moisturising. The only thing that I don't like about this lipstick (beside the obvious fact that its crazy expensive) is that it doesn't apply evenly and you will need several layers to make it work. But once properly applied it looks beautiful and so mysterious, especially worn with a black dress. If Black Orchid is out of your price league, a good dupe and almost similar in color is the Benefit Ms. Behavin'. 

NARS Lipstick - Red Lizard
Red Lizard is a classic red with blue undertones ( remember blue undertones makes your teeth white!) This one looks great on paler complexions and would really suits any occasion. Although not completely matte it is indeed more on the matte side, so it can be bit drying but on the positive note it can stay put all day ( without eating and drinking that is). 

Dior Rouge 813/5th Avenue
Rouge 813 - 5th Avenue is a dark red with slight brown undertones and some berry tones to it. It changes the tones depending on the light - outdoors, it looks more like deep red wine color whereas indoors it looks more like a true dark red.  The Dior Rouge lipsticks have also some lip benefits such as hyaloranic acid which will deep hydrate your lips making the look fuller and plumper. The formula is really moisturising and the lipstick feels almost like a balm on my lips. 

When you are choosing lipstick, always try it on your lips to avoid disappointment, because the color in the tube is not that color thats gonna be on your lips. 

Do you tend to wear berry and dark reds in winter too? What are your favourite lipsticks for the Autumn and Winter?

                                            xxx Marina 

October 29, 2014

The Kardashian Kollection At Lipsy A/W 2014 Has Launched!‏

After four consecutive successful ranges of the Kardashian Kollection at Lipsy, the collaboration has solidified its mark on the British high street and global fashion map as one of the hottest celebrity collaborations to date. The brand new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, which comes on the first anniversary of the Kardashian Kollection’s debut at Lipsy, will be available online at and across all Lipsy stores on October 29th
The fifth instalment of the Kardashian Kollection at Lipsyincludes 20+ never-before-seen designs that reflect the season’s hottest shapes, fabrics and styles and incorporate the catwalk trends of Autumn/Winter 2014 and the Kardashian sisters’ stylish wardrobe essentials.

Kardashian Long Sleeve Lace Shift Dress

Kardashian Pu Wrap Pencil Skirt

Kardashian Cut Out Bodycon Dress

Kardashian Monochrome Peplum Top

Kardashian Chain Detail Shift Dress

Kardashian Waterfall Wrap Coat

  What do you think of the Kardashian Kollection at Lipsy? I think there are some amazing pieces and I am especially really loving the Waterfall Wrap Coat. 

xxx Marina 

October 28, 2014

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform High Impact Volumising Mascara- Review

I am  always on lookout for a good mascara at affordable price -  Giorgio Armani was becoming a bit uneconomical, so I was excited when the new Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara was released.  (Actually, I always get excited when I see a new mascara that promises volume for my lashes, and I  hardly ever buy any curling or lengthening  or what-else- they- can -do -these- days mascaras. I am lucky enough with my lushes, I suppose but sure you never can't have your lashes to thick or full. )

Not sure if you have heard, but this mascara made its first appearance at the Victoria Beckham Show for the SS14 and was used  by the makeup artist extradainnaire Pat McGrath as she was creating a natural look on the models and should couldn't stop raving about it!

Well if my favourite loves it, I must love it then too - I do have to admit that I haven't purchased any mascara from Max Factor since the Calorie 2000, which was my goto mascara for years, and I still think that its the best dupe for the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill.

Anyways back to this newbie!

“Our revolutionary new mascara instantly creates darker, bigger, more dramatic lashes thanks to the new instant impact wand – the small brush that captures and volumises every lash. Prepare for totally transformed lashes.
The instant impact wand holds product on the outside of the bristles, immediately transferring it to the base of the lashes in just one stroke.
Rows of rotating bristles ensure that as the lashes are brushed through, every eyelash is captured and coated.
The result? Lashes that instantly appear thicker and fuller.”

Here is the result with two coats

Oh yes, darker, bigger, more dramatic lashes.... I want it all!

Here are my observations.

The packing is quite sleek and luxurious looking, and the slim shape brush is narrowed tapered  with rotating  mini bristles - which are designed to coat every lash from the base to the tip.

After  I applied the first coat, I didn't see any drama or va boom lashes, but after the second coat it did made my look lashes bigger and bolder adding bit of length to them.  So yay!
- very black colour
- lasts all day without smudging ( even after my gym work-out)
- it comes off easy enough with an eye makeup remover
- gives a decent volume 
- lengthens the lashes

- it gives me bit of spidery lashes
- it doesn't separate the lashes enough for my liking

I love the overall finish this mascara gives, but still, four stars though, not five as I feel the mascara could be bit better given the price.

The mascara is priced at € 13.99 and is available at Boots.

Have you tried the Max Factor Masterpiece Transform High Impact Volumising Mascara yet? What do you think of it?

                                            xxx Marina 

October 27, 2014

Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel - Review

Have you heard of the Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel? It is fabulous! 
This is like a facial peel which you would pay loads of money for at a beauty salon.

Where do I start? I've had a sun damaged skin since my teens as back then my idea of a good time was lying in the sun for hours... without a grain of sunscreen.  And quite often I would even have used tanning oil to accelerate the tanning process. Yep that was not a good idea. Not a good idea at all, because nowadays I am spending a fortune on facial creams and potions that promise to improve  sun-demaged skin and get rid of sun spots and the results have been only mediocre so far. 

Well that was before I came  across Neostrata - I have seen  their products few times in pharmacies but was never really attracted to them....I suppose they do look more like pharmaceutical products than pretty looking jars with a divine scents and creamy textures. Created by dermatologists Neostrata is a cosmeceutical brand and their concentration of the hydroxy acids is at an ideal pH level, so they can produce amazing results. 

The Neostata Glycolic Treatment Peel Kit contains four treatments including four facial cleansers and  four bionic face creams and are to be used over four weeks.
The pads are soaked with the glycol acid formulation and don't need any extra preparation - all you do is just swipe it all over your face as you would apply a toner and leave it on for about 20 minutes or longer.

I dint't experience any irruption or redness, having said that, my skin is really tough and it has taken proper beating in my past with some of my more extreme than normal skin regime. Don't need to elaborate here as its written all over my blog.

Before and after the Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel

I am not new to AHA and BHA products and have used Image skin care in the past with some success and I also have had salon strength peels.  I do believe that the constant exfoliation, mechanical and chemical, has kept my skin glowy and wrinkle free into my mid thirties. 

So far I can say Neostrata is my favorite at home facial peel. I have already noticed a clearer complexion and the dark spots on my forehead had faded after only four treatments. Now that I've finished the course,   I am continuing to have to the peel once every two weeks, usually at the weekends when I have time for some pampering. 

If you have sensitive skin (with loads of redness) then don't use this product, its not for you. If you have normal skin, you might not need it either, but you could still try it out... you never can be too good looking! But if you have sun damaged skin with loads of sun spots, fine lines and blemishes you must try this product! You must! I really couldn't believe the difference it made to my skin in such a short period of time. 

As with all AHA and BHA products you must use a sunscreen as your skin is more sensitive to sun and could exaggerate or cause hyper pigmentation. So use it every. single. day! Even if there is no sun out! 

The kit costs  €49. 55 here in Ireland is available in selected pharmacies all over the country. You can find the full list of stockists here

Now, I've got  their Glycolic Facewash and I will be reporting in few weeks time how I got on with it and if there was any miracle happening. 

How about you? Ever tried the Neostrata Glycolic Treatment Peel? Or have you tried  any other at home peels? 

                                              xxx Marina 

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