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November 21, 2014

My Favourite MAC Eyeshadows

I love make MAC eyeshadows. They are neither to buttery or powdery and blend like a dream together. As a makeup artist and beauty blogger  I try tons of new eyeshadows on monthly basis, but these two palettes are my staple in my kit and  I used them most of the time - be it media makeup, bridal makeup or just for my private use. You can take everything from me, but not these two palettes. 

CARBON -  Black eyeshadow, shows more like dark grey. I use it mostly to tight line the lash line. 
BRUN - Cool dark brown matte eyeshadow. I use it mostly to fill in brows. 
CONCRETE - Warm grey-brown matte eyeshadow. Great as crease colour. I use it often for the daytime smokey eye. 
EMBARK - Dark brown eyeshadow with purple undertones. I use it mostly as the outer corner colour. 
SWISS CHOCOLATE - Medium warm brown with red undertones. I use it mostly to deepen the crease.
COPPERLATE - Medium Grey/Taupe eyeshadow. Great for soft smokey eye.  Great colour for blue eyes. 
BRONZE -  Cool bronze eyeshadow.  This eyeshadow will suit everyone. I use it very often for the night time smokey eye paired with a black pencil only. 
TEMPTING - Light brown shade with a hint of gold shimmer. Perfect eyeshadow for everyday. 
PATINA - Medium taupe with green and pink shimmer. I like to use it as all over lid colour or to give matte eyeshadows bit of oomph. 
TEXTURE - Light brown/tan with red undertones. Great as crease transition colour. 
CORK - Medium neutral brown eyeshadow. I use it mostly as a crease transition colour it makes the smokey eye little more blended. 
KID - Neutral tan eyeshadow. Great crease/blending color. 
NAKED LUNCH - Warm peachy-beige eyeshadow. Great high -lightening colour for the inner corner of the eye and brow bone. 
NYLON - Pale shimmery beige. Intense highlight for the evening look. 
SHROOM - Light beige with shimmer. Subtle brow bone highlight for a day makeup. 

FOLIE - Medium Brown with red undertones and hint of burgundy. I use it mostly as the outer corner  shade. 
BLACKBERRY - Deep brown purple eyeshadow. Not very pigmented. Great colour for blue green eyes. 
COQUETTE - Kakhi green brown eyeshadow with a hint of olive. Great colour for green eyes. 
ORANGE - Bright matte orange. I use it mostly to add warmth to brown eyeshadows. 
COPPERING - True copper orange shade with loads of red.  Very pigmented. 
WOODWINKED -  Medium golden bronze eyeshadow. Great for metallic smokey eye. 
HAUX - Warm plummy brown. I use it mostly as a transition or crease colour.
SUMPTOUS OLIVE - Olive green with golden shimmer. Looks amazing on dark green or brown  eyes. 
AMBER LIGHTS - Golden orange with a hint of  copper. 
PARADISCO - Pink Coral eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer. Great colour for the summer. 
MYLAR - white/pale beige eyeshadow. I use it mostly as a base and highlight for the matte look.
MALT - Tan Eyeshadow. Great  overall base colour. Also great for blending and as a transition colour. 
RETROSPECK - Beige gold eyeshadow. Great as  highlight and it also gives depth to matte eyeshadows. 
EXPENSIVE PINK - rose gold eyeshadow. Great for summer and for bridal makeup. 
MYTHOLOGY- Light Bronze-copper eyeshadow with chunky glitter particles. Similar to Expensive Pink. 

MAC Eyeshadows are available at MAC STORES and some department stores. 

What is your favourite MAC Eyeshadow? Please do share! 

xxx Marina 

November 17, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury - Brow Lift - Review

If you have been reading my blog regularly, you will know that I am Charlotte Tilbury addict! At this stage, almost half of my makeup kit consist of Charlotte Tilbury products... this is how much I love this brand!

New addition to my makeup kit is the Charlotte Tilbury The Brow Lift. This is a three way shape, lift and shade brow pencil, which contains a comb and a highlighter shade inside of the body - so basically  three products in one. I really love the convenience having three products at hand, this defiantly will speeds up makeup application.

The pencil comes in 3 different shades:
From left to right: Grace K, Brooke S, Cara D, brow highlight on the right 
Grace K -  ash blonde shade for fair/light brows
Brooks S - medim brown
Cara D- dark brown

I've also recorded a video  using the brow lift, this is usually how I  fill in my eyebrows, so check it out here.


Brush the brows upwards to reveal their shape.

Draw a line with a brow pencil that matches your brow colour - if in doubt go a shade lighter – just under the brow where the brow should start. If you can imagine a straight line going from the end of your nostrils towards the eyebrow, this is where your brow should start.

 Draw another line to define the arch or if you don’t know where the arch is supposed to be – good rule of thumb is just above your lens.
Using the same brow pencil draw with a light hand small tiny hair strokes in the direction the hair grows.

I noticed that the pencil are not that pigmented and the color almost doesn't go on to the brows sometimes.
I must admit though that I was very disappointed that the golden print came off pretty much after the first use. Another thing that I don't like about this brow pencil is that the caps come off all the time and everyone knows, if that happens the product will dry out! So this defiantly shouldn't be happening given the price of Euro 24.00.

I am still in two minds if I will be purchasing these again - they probably will last quite a while, so I will think about it in a meantime.  Don't get me wrong, they are a good brow pencils, but by  no means ground breaking or a "must-have" for your kit.

Have you tried the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift yet? What are you impressions so far?

                                                xxx Marina 

November 14, 2014

Sleek MakeUP Faceform Contour and Blush Palette - Review

Can you actually believe that the Sleek MakeUP Faceform Contour and Blush Palette is the first product I've purchased from Sleek MakeUP. And actually, I don't know what took me so long, because these Contour & Blush Palettes are amazing.  You get three products, a highlighter powder, a contour powder and a blusher  with good amount of product and this all for the price of €12.99. The black compact that comes with a quite large mirror making it perfect for travelling -  looks and feels very sturdy or shall we say sleek in my hand and it defiantly looks more expensive as it is.  And the best thing is it won't open in your makeup bag and make a mess of it ( as some of them can - not naming and shaming here any products).

The Sleek MakeUP Faceform Contour and Blush Palette comes in following colours:

The Fair and the light palettes contain contour powder, a highlighter powder and blusher whereas the Medium and Dark contain countour powder, a highlighter powder and bronzer.  I've picked up the Light and Dark Palette. I found that the shades in the color palette Fair is very similar  to the Light, and also the Medium was almost identical to the colors in Dark, maybe might a touch lighter so you defiantly wouldn't need all of them.

This Light Palette contains a matte medium brown countour colour, a pearly pale champagne highlighter and a peachy coral pink blush. I think this compact is perfect for paler to medium skin tones and is my favourite of the four.

The Dark Palette contains a matte brown countour colour, a dark champagne highlighter and a bronzer with orange undertones, so go easy on it as you might end up looking like a pumpkin! As you can see from the picture I am not wearing any blusher, i have only applied the bronzer at the top of my checks - with a light hand!  When I first saw this compact in instantly reminded me of Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, which is one my favourite product at the moment.

Sleek Makeup Faceform is a must-have product for all high-lightening and countering fans out there.
This is by far the best drugstore countering kit I've tried! Honestly, you won't be disappointed.

Availabe at Boots and Superdrug.

xxx Marina

November 12, 2014

MICRO Pedi - Does it really work - Review

If you haven't heard about the Emoji Micro-Pedi, its an award-winning, portable, home pedicure device which banishes dry and cracked skin on feet from the first use.

When it comes to my feet, they are actually the step kids of my body - I actually hardly pay any attention to them. The only treatment they ever  receive is the nail polish and fail and maybe bit of castor oil if they are getting really dry and painful. Also wearing heels is not helping their case either.
I do usually use the pumice stone board and graters, but to be honest I don't really see much improvement with these things.

I also never ever had a professional pedicure done, I always feel its bit of waste of money, honestly who is ever going to look that closely at my feet. But, I was really intrigued by the Micro Pedi device,  could it really make my worn out and tired feet baby soft again? Let's see!

The Micro-Pedi is very quick and  easy to use and it feels comfortable in my hands to hold.  The roller glides easily of your your feet there is no force needed, I suggest you let the device do the work! Its also great for targeting small areas of your feet such as toes and close to the toes.

And her are the results after the first use ( insert drum roll here) ( or the Eurovision Song contest sound)!

For the purpose of the review, I dint't touch my feet for about a month, so this are the results after the first use. There was defiantly some hard skin shedding and I almost felt  had shrunk my feet to one size smaller.  It leaves the skin still dry though, so you must use a good foot moisturiser for the full benefits. I also suggest don't to over do it for the first time, as you might end up with sore feet! 

And here are  my previously worn out and tired feet, now  deeply moisturised with the Micro-Pedi Ultra Finishing Foot Cream.  Oh my, how baby soft  they felt after the cream , I wish you could touch them... Ughh, I hear you say. I know. I don't like touching other peoples feet either! Feet really freak me out! Seriously!

After only three times using the Micro-Pedi, my feet are almost back to their new born state and I couldn't be happier with the device - this product is with its weight in gold and the best thing thing since the sliced bread. This is basically now my weekly treat, it only takes me about five minutes to go over both feet with the roller.

The only drawback is that you have to keep buying the replacement rollers, which are priced at € 14.99 per pack containing two rollers.

 So if you are looking for a device that will give you the results of a professional pedicure at the fraction of the price, then this is the thing to go for! Best € 39.99 invested ever!  Available at Boots.

Have you tried the Micro-Pedi? Did it work for you? 

xxx Marina 

November 10, 2014

How to do Bridal Makeup - Tutorial

Are you planning to do your own wedding makeup? I always recommend hiring a professional makeup artist, but if the cash is tight or you dont't trust makeup artist in general,  then read on.

As a general rule, never try anything new on your wedding day, use only products that you are familiar with and that suit your skin tone. Always practice the look few times beforehand the wedding date - you don't want to end up looking like a clown! Take pictures and see how it photographs and ask your friends for their opinion.

MAC Prep + Prime
MAC Face & Body Foundation 
SUPERCOVER Concealer wheel
CHARLOTTE TILBURY | Filmstar Bronze & Glow
MAC Eyeshadow| Texture
MAC Eyeshadow| Swiss Chocolate
MAC Eyeshadow| Embark
MAC Pigment | Vanilla
MAC Eyeshadow | Carbon
YSL Volume Mascara
Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift | Cara D
MAC Blush | Pinch O'Peach
MAC Lip Pencil | Staunchly Stylish
MAC Lipstick | Patisserie

Here are some extra tips to keep your wedding makeup all day long in place.

You must use a face primer for your skin type. A primer can smooth and even out the skin surface reducing pores and fine lines. It will also make your foundation glide onto the skin with ease and will also make it last longer.

Use the exact shade that matches your skin tone -  your best bet would be to  get matched in a department store.

Use peach toned concealer to banish under eyes darkness. Also don't forget to put concealer in the inner corner of the eye, around the nose and mouth.

Use more powder than you usually do to ensure the foundation lasts all day. The skin around your eyes is usually the oiliest, so I would suggest you powder in that area twice.

Don't go crazy with contouring ( I am looking at you Kim Kardaschian). Use rather matte bronzer to sculpt the face. Use the figure of 3 as a guideline - start at the hairline, go over the cheekbones and then sculpt around the jaw. Try to build up the colour slowly and blend, blend blend really well!

Apply a powder highlighter to the high points of your face ( cheekbones, nose, cupid's bow)

I prefer peachy pink blusher with golden shimmer. Apply the blusher to the apple of your cheeks and blend towards the hairline.

Always use waterproof mascara, don't let the happy tears ruin your makeup. You can also add few individual eyelashes if you like. Strip eyelashes might be bit dramatic unless this is the look you are going for.

Always line the lips and also fill in the whole lip with the pencil, this will make the lipsticks last longer.

I prefer creamy lipstick over lipgloss as this one tends to stick to your hair and your veil. Also lipstick    lasts longer than lipstick.

Hope you like my tutorial and my tips - if you do try to recreate look please tag me in!

                                            xxx Marina 

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