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beautiful me plus you  blog was created by me (Marina Bergmann ) out of love and passion  for all things beauty.   It helps me to keep a track of products I like and I personally use.  I probably will hardly review any products I dont find any good ( why spread the negativity, and besides just because it dint work for me, it doesn't mean it won't work for you!)
I have paid for  most of the products and the reviews are based on my own opinion and experience! So don't blame it the product doesn't work for you either!

beautiful me plus you  blog also accepts advertising and sponsorships,
so if you're a company or a PR agency and you wish to have your products reviewed then please get in touch…. but again I will only review the product if I really like it!


Please note that I don't own some the pictures on this blog. Some of them are from the Google images, in order to make a better illustration of the products, if it's your image, and you want me to remove it from my blog, please contact me on Marina.Bergmann@live.ie

Photos taken by  beautiful me plus you blog are protected by copyright, pictures can only be used with prior my consent and they have to be linked back to this blog. It is forbidden to use the pictures for commercial reasons.

Photography by Marina Bergmann  for beautiful me plus you  blog © 2011-2014


Beautiful me plus you uses affiliate programs, which means if you buy something from that particular  website, I  will get a small percentage of the sale and it want cost you anything. Its bit like a sales commission that usually sales consultants would usually get.


Beautiful me plus you blog doesn't disclose or sell information to third parties.


Beautiful me plus you blog uses mainly cookies from third parties ( advertisers on this site)  to measure the advertisement performance this website. You can turn these off on your computer in you wish.

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