December 25, 2011

Best Inexpensive Body Exfoliator

No need to dash out your hard earned money on  high end body exfoliators....

 ...try the body exfoliator rubber tip massage brush instead !!!

This unique brush combines natural rubber nodules with natural bristles for a stimulating brush and deep cleansing.With its integral strap it's easy to grasp and hold even when soapy and wet.

I usually use it in the sauna after hard workout, and my skin loves it: it feels invigorated with the massage bristles and deeply exfoliated, it feels like someone gave me  new skin.. so smooth,  like a baby skin....
Sometimes I use it even on my face... its that soft and gentle.... Ahhh bliss....!!!

You can get it usually in Health Shops in Ireland  for about 10 Euros or buy it online.!

xxx Marina

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