September 12, 2019

How to do Aromatherapy Self Foot Massage for Relaxation - Swiss Reflex Therapy

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Swiss Reflex massage was part of my Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma. 
 Swiss Reflex  Massage Therapy is a holistic technique developed by Shirley Price,  who is a modern pioneer of Modern Aromatherapy, while she was in Switzerland in 1987. Shirley, being a qualified reflexologist as well as Aromatherapist, wanted to develop a treatment using essential oils and massage that would benefit clients in a non-invasive way. 

 She wanted to find a way of helping people to help themselves, using the reflexes every day, which would be easy for people to do on themselves (or each other) and which, if done conscientiously every day, would give faster results and would be less costly than a weekly reflexology treatment. 

 Swiss Reflex Therapy is a specific reflex massage technique that treats each area or body system to bring about balance and the health of the client. Swiss Reflex Therapy has become a proven successful treatment that brings relief from stress, aches and pains and other common problems, including frozen shoulder and constipation. Swiss Reflex Massage is not the same as Reflexology, but rather like gentle Swedish or Relaxation Massage for your feet.

I suggest to the massage weekly for best benefits. 


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