May 10, 2019

5 essential oil you must have in your house

Here are 5 essential oil you need to have in your house - these can be obtained easily from any health shop and all of the oils mix very well together so you can create an uplifting aroma for your home.

 Lavender - good for hair, scalp and skincare, very relaxing and sedative - helps you sleep, heals burns and scars quickly, good disinfectant. 

 Geranium - good for skin, especially in balancing in dry and oil complexions, female hormone balancer, stops bleeding. 

Eucalyptus - good for the respiratory system, colds and coughs, oil hair. 

 Rosemary - good for circulation, makes your hair grow, improves memory, reduces discomfort of nausea, discourages the build up of acids in the joints that can lead to arthritis.

 Lemon - its clean fresh smell activates the body and stimulates the central nervous system, it relieves fevers, sore throats, coughs and indigestion, it reduces inflammation and it also relaxes stiff muscles.
 ( Caution: don’t use on the skin when you are going out in the sun to tan). 

 Always remember to use essential oils in small doses and dilute them in carrier oils such as almond oil before applying to the skin, never apply the essential oil undiluted to your skin - safe dose to use is 3 drops essential oil in 10 ml carrier oil when applying to the skin. For oil lamps or diffusers use 5-6 drops in water. For baths - 5 drops Essential oil dissolved in 10 ml carrier oil or your bath foam.

Never drink essential oils! Like never ever!
The most efficient way to take the essential oils is inhalation or ski application. 

Hope you will give these essential oils a go as they are truly amazing!


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