September 20, 2016

My Favorite Red Lipsticks

Red lipstick can be quite tricky shade to wear - one moment it’s on your lips, the next it’s smeared all over your face, nose and teeth and not to forget your precious dress. But still its one of my favorite shades to wear and nothing brightens the face instantly as red lip color.In this video I will show you my favorite reds that will suit most complexions. 

 My favorite Red lipstick of the time is the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Le Rouge. This is a classic true bright red. The lipstick so comfortable to wear and never feels dry on my lips. The pigmentation is superb and stays put on my lips all day without eating and drinking that is. It particularly looks great on darker and more sallow complexions, but without the double it will really suits everyone.

 Another lipstick that I never want be without is the MAC Lady Danger. This is a matte lipstick , yet smooth as butter and quite moisturizing, very pigmented, applies evenly and also incredibly long wearing. This is the perfect shade of bright orange red und if I feel and look tired then this is the shade that I fall back on. Again, it really would suit everyone but I find it looks especially great on redheads.

 If you are on a budget then I suggest you try the Rimmel 660 in love with ginger. This is a beautiful coral red and feels moisturizing enough on my lips. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't stay particularly long on the lips and it also doesn't wear off evenly - so you will have to check it frequently in the mirror in order not to end up looking like a clown. But still, all in all great budget buy.

I hope you found the video helpful - Thank you so much for visiting my blog and watching the video. !

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