August 04, 2014

Catrice Lash Extension Volume Mascara - Review

Look...there is new drugstore mascara in town! I honestly think that many drugstore brands have stepped up their game in terms of quality of their products. One of the drugstore brands that always makes me coming back for more is Catrice - their products are always so innovative and on trend. 

They recently released their newest Lash Extension Volume Mascara with integrated fibres to enhance the lengthening effect. I am really impressed with this newbie, and I don't use this word loosely. The mascara made my lashes look defined, thick and pleasingly long. Longer and thicker lashes will make you look wide awake and glamorous, just in case you didn't know this beauty trick! Also my lashes felt soft to the touch, almost like dolly lashes. 

      Left eye no mascara -right eye one coat                               Picture right: Full makeup look wearing two coats of mascara                                                                     

The mascara has a super skinny wand and is perfect for getting those tiny hairs on the lower lash line, it really gives a great definition without clumping. One coat gives you a natural look and with  two coats you can achieve an intense but not overly done look. If you are after bold and dramatic look you may be bit disappointed. The mascara stays on well during the day but it's very easy to take it off in the evening with a regular make-up remover.

The packaging is a black tube with a silver top, a bit sleeker than some of the other popular drugstore brands but nothing to write home about. 
The Lash Extension Mascara is also available as waterproof version, which I haven't tried yet. 

This has to be now one of my top five mascaras, right up there with Armani-Eyes to Kill Mascara and Estee Lauder - Sumptuous Two Tone Eye Mascara. The mascara is available at Penney's and in some pharmacies and at the price of 4.49 its definitely worth checking out if it works for you too.  

Did you have the chance to sample this mascara? What other drugstore mascara do you recommend? 

xxx Marina

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