July 31, 2014

Charlotte's Magic Cream - Review

As a skincare junkie I have tried tons of “miracle” creams the second they came out, so I was excited when Charlotte's Magic Treat and Transform Moisturizer hit the market. Charlotte Tilbury is an international makeup artist and she has been mixing her own age-defying skincare for 20 years. The magic cream  promises to transform tired skin into radiant and perfectly hydrated complexion in an instant. It contains anti-age ingredients such as rose hip oil, camellia oil, shea butter and has also added some new age technology such as the BioNymph Peptide Complex and SPF 15.  

The cream is very thick and feels very moisturizing on my face. Some other moisturizers I’ve tried would feel good on the skin at first when applied only to leave it feeling dry again few minutes later. The cream has a classic feminine rose scent that I like and the luxurious rose gold jar packaging reminds me of glam Hollywood,  it looks so decorative on a dressing table.
The  cream comes with instructions for an at- home- facial massage and should be applied with a specific technique: You put it on your fingertips and rub a bit to warm it up before applying it to your face. As it is very thick, it needs to be warmed up a bit otherwise you'll be stretching your skin. Then, gently pat the cream all  over your  face, eyes, décolleté and neck. Don't forget to moisturize your entire neck, not just the front! Moisturizing the back of  the neck keeps the front nice and taut!
The magic cream has a similar consistency to cult favorites Creme de la Mer and Nivea Crème; I’ve used both creams for quite long time and I honestly can’t see much difference between the two. Also Nivea Crème is a fabulous  multi-purpose product and I have successfully used it as a make-up remover as well as for cracked heels, dry elbows, around cuticles, a rich moisturizing facial mask, leave-in hair treatment and even as a cheek highlighter.

Anyways, back to the Charlotte's Magic Cream! It retails for Euro 90.00 for 50 ml of product and is available at Brown Thomas in Dublin, Selfridges  and on Charlotte Tilbury's website. 

It is expensive, but I used the cream for two months on a daily basis, so I feel the price is justified. If this is a kind of money you would spend on skincare, then I would  suggest you try it, you surely won't be disappointed. Yeah, as for me, wrinkle-free for now, I'll stick with good ol' Nivea, thanks very much!  I also use rosehip oil to massage my face every evening ( well it only takes max 3 minutes). 

Check out my latest video where I am reviewing the Charlotte Tilbury Products: 

Have you tried the Charlotte’s Magic Cream yet?

xxx Marina

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