July 29, 2014

How to choose best Eyeshadow for your Eye Color

With so many eyeshadow colors on the market how do you choose one that looks good on you. To make your eyes pop, you must select a color that's the opposite of your own eye color.  If you are a lucky brown eyed girl as myself, you can wear any eyeshadow since brown is neutral color.  To define your eyes choose neutral shades of eyeliner such as taupe, brown or black no matter what your eye color is. One thing though, matching eyeshadow to your clothing is an absolute big NO NO. Why?... I hear you say - well, let's be honest here, it just looks bit tacky and on top of that it can really wash you out! Of course makeup is an art and anything goes that looks good, but here are my "rules" and color recommendations for your eye color.

golden brown
First Row: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows - Black Plum, Velvet Plus, Midnight
Second Row: Inglot Eyeshadows -MATTE 320, PEARL 439,MATTE 321 PEARL 428
Third Row: Inglot Eyeshadows PEARL 423, PEARL 422, PEARL 419, PEARL 433
Last Row: MAC Eyeshadows - Bronze, Tempting, Woodwinked, Couqette, Sumptous Olive

rich warm browns
warm taupes
soft peaches
First Row: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow - Cocoa, Cognac and Toast
Second Row: Inglot Eyeshadows -AMC 52, AMC 54, D.S 608, D.S 609, MATTE 330
Last Row: MAC Eyeshadow - Embark, Swiss Chocolate, Orange, Texture, Mythology

golden browns
warm tuapes
light and dark purples
soft peaches
First Row: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows - Velvet Plum, Heather, Burnt Sugar
Second Row: Inglot Eyeshadows -MATTE 342, MATTE 357, D.S 461, PEARL 402,MATTE 330
Third Row: Inglot Eyeshadows MATTE 375, MATTE 320, AMC 14, PEARL 607, AMC 12
Last Row: MAC Eyeshadows - Bronze, Tempting, Woodwinked, Texture, Cork

cool brown
First Row: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow - Mahagony, Slater, Heather
Second Row: Inglot Eyeshadows -MATTE 378,MATTE 320,MATTE 375, AMC 14
Last Row: MAC Eyeshadow - Blackberry, Haux, Brun, Concrete

What are you favorite eyeshadows and most importantly what's your secret for picking the right color?
Please do share with us! 

xxx Marina

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