June 08, 2012

Inglot freedom system eye shadows - review and swatches

Did I tell you that I love Inglot eye shadows? I am sure you have read related posts over on hundreds other blogs. So here are my two cents. The shadows apply effortlessly, are more pigmented than MAC eyes shadows, they feel so creamy and blend like a dream. So what’s there not to like.

The color selection is phenomenal, and the low price for such a high quality product makes it easier to pick more than few shades from Inglot’s eye shadow range. You can mix and match the eye shadows as you wish, but you always have to fill the whole palette, or you can also buy the eye shadows refills separately without palette, but it works out the same price. I personally don’t like the palette, so I made a magnetic palette for the eye shadows, as you can see it in the pictures.
There is only one thing that absolutely drives me crazy and insane, it’s the name of their products or better said the lack off.  I guess I am just used from the other brands to name their products, I think it makes it easier to remember.  To date, I still don’t know by heart which Inglot eye shadows I owe, whereas I could name every Bobbi Brown or MAC eyes shadow I own, on top of my head.  But I guess, given the price, you just can’t have everything.

 However, here is the list of the Inglot’s finishes, which are divided into 5 categories, namely:

Matte :  flat finish, without any glitter, shimmers or sparkles
Pearl :  pearly, shimmery sheen with a bit of a satiny frost without glitter
(D.S.) Double Sparkle: matte based shadow with tons of sparkle, but in my opinion they tend to fall off and leave more a matte finish
(AMC)Advanced Makeup Component: semi-matte with glitter, but not as glittery as the DS
(AMC Shine) Advanced Makeup component Shine: very pigmented with a pearly, frost finish, similar to the Pearl finish, only bit shinier.

And now, here are the swatches!

D.S 495, Matte 366, AMC Shine 15, Matte 361, AMC Shine 46

D.S 495 – reddish pink with gold and silver glitter, can also be used as blush
Matte 366 – Matte, reddish orange, reminds me of a brick, can also be used as blush
AMC Shine 15 – orangey coral with golden shimmer and silver glitter, can also be used as blush
Matte 361 – matte, light warm coral, can also be used as blush
AMC Shine 46 – pale shell pink with rosy sheen and silver sparkles- makes a great highlighter

Pearl 450,Pearl 452,Pearl 423

Pearl 450 Deep pink red, reminds me bit of cranberry color
Pearl 452 – burgundy red
Pearl 423 – brown mixed with burgundy red sheen

AMC Shine 12, AMC 54, AMC 52

AMC Shine 12 – coppery brown red with sheen and copper glitter
AMC 54  Light chocolate brown with gold glitter
AMC 52 – warm light brown with gold glitter
AMC Shine 30,Pearl 433, Pearl 419

AMC Shine 30 – shimmery golden beige with gold and silver glitter
Pearl 433 light olive green with more gold than Pearl 419
Pearl 419 olive green mixed with antique gold

AMC Shine 31, Pearl 397, Pearl 402

AMC Shine 31 – shimmery light coppery gold with gold glitter
Pearl 397 – very light salmon pink with gold sheen
Pearl 402 – shimmery taupe brown

D.S 461, Matte 342, Matte 357
 D.S 461 - warm, beige brown with gold glitter
Matte 342- matte, neutral cool brow
Matte 357 – Matte, light chocolate brown

Matte 320,AMC Shine 14,Pearl 430
Matte 320 – matte lilac
AMC Shine 14 – shimmery lilac with silver glitter
Pearl 430 – shimmery, dark gold

Pearl 428,Matte 338,Matte 323

Pearl 428 – shimmery navy blue with black undertone
Matte 338 – matte, bright turquoise
Matte 323 – matte, bright, canary yellow

The fact is that I have been using Bobbi Brown’s and MAC eye shadows less frequently, since I got the Inglot palette, this is how much I love them.  So if you ever come across Inglot, you gotta give them a go. I can highly recommend.  In my next post I will show you my favorite eye makeup looks by Inglot.

Have you tried any Inglot’s eye shadows yet, and what shade would you recommend?

xxx Marina

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  1. They look great, especially the neutral colours. Really want to try out some Inglot eyeshadows xx

    1. awh you should honey... they are awesome... and so cheap! x

  2. Hi Marina! Great review, I would love to get them too!:) They seem really good, and what a texture!:) Kisses!

  3. Thank you Lilli! You can get a minimum of three to start with! you want be disappointed! x

  4. I have heard a lot of great things about these eyeshadows and you have a great selection of colours will have to give them a go!

  5. It looks like a great palette, I have never heard of this brand but love the array of colours it contains! xx

  6. love the color of your palette. all so nice

  7. Wow they look so pigmentated, great selection :)

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  9. I love the turquoise! Perfect for summer

  10. I have never tried this brand. But if you like it more than MAC then it has to be good!



  11. Anonymous00:14

    Wow these shadows looka amazing! I want all of them! I awarded you the Liebster Blog award! Look at my blog for more details!



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