June 03, 2012

Makeup inspiration - Victoria Secret Models

I love looking at  Victoria Secret models. They are just so incredible perfect. Perfect skin. Perfect smiles. Perfect body.  Please God, if you read this,  should I ever be born again, make me look like one of them…. and I promise I’ll be good for the rest of my life.
Anyways, enough of daydreaming and wishful thinking, here is the tutorial how to get the Victoria Secret makeup look, just in case you love it as much as I do.

To start with, I applied Smashbox photo finish primer to even out skin tone.
I covered the red marks and blemishes with a green corrector.
I then applied Shu Uemura face architect smoothing fluid foundation, which has an illuminating effect.
I used MAC studio finish concealer to cover up any visible blemishes, which I couldn’t even out with the foundation.

Victoria Secret model’s eyes are always the point of attention, so made them more stand out.
I applied Bobbi Brown matte eye shadow in Shell pink, a matte pale pink color, as a base to even out lid color, and also to highlight my brow bone.
Then I blended into the socket bone Bobbi Brown Metallic eye shadow in Velvet plum, a bronze/plum color with MAC 217 blending brush. Over that eye shadow I also applied Bobbi brown Metallic eye shadow in Bronze Sugar on the lid, which is a golden bronze color, and blended it together with the Velvet Plum eye shadow with MAC 217 blending brush.
Using the same BB Bronze Sugar eye shadow, I also applied it to the lower lash line with a MAC 219 pencil brush.
Over the eye shadow, I then applied then Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Bourbon, a golden brown color, to the upper and lower lash line and smudged it together with the eye shadow with a smudge brush.

I filled out my eyebrows with a  MAC embark eye shadow, a medium redden brown matte eye shadow.
Then, I curled my eyelashes with the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and applied two coats of Shu Uemura ultimate natural mascara in black.
I applied Benefit Watt’s up highlighter just above my brow bone, down the center of the nose and on my cupids bow.

On my cheekbones I applied Mac cremeblend blush in something special, a light warm pink crème blush, which I blended in thoroughly with the MAC 130 brush.

I lined my lips with a Mac Lip pencil in nude color and then I applied, YSL rouge pur couture in 17 rose dahlia, a warm coral pink lipstick.
In the middle of my lips  I dabbed just a small amount of golden gloss.

And voila!  Finished is the Victoria Secret Make up look!

xxx Marina

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  1. Thats Soooooo beautiful... i will also try dear <3

  2. that is a great recreation of the look!
    it suits you well, because you have dark hair.
    I will keep in mind those tricks!

    just followed you!
    follow me back!


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  4. Thanks Ines! Following you back! x

  5. ja diese frauen sind wirklich wunderschön ... und ich stell mich gleich hinten an bei deinem gebet :)
    toller look! steht dir sehr gut! glg aus wien


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