April 16, 2012

How to get Angelina Jolie's cat eye look

Angelina Jolie is just so gorgeous… even when she’s not wearing any makeup. Her trademark look is the dramatic “cat eyes” look paired with nude lips… on her, it almost looks like a natural look. The cat eye look comes and goes into fashion now and then, and it’s indeed one of my favorite makeup looks.
Here are step by step instructions how you can create Angelina Jolie's fabulous cat eye look all on your own!

 Products used

Apply your foundation as you usually would do.
For this look I used a medium coverage foundation, don’t use anything too sparkly or illuminating.
(I used max factor miracle touch liquid illusion foundation in Golden)

For this look, I didn’t fill out my eyebrows, but only emphasized the brow arch lightly with a taupe color eye shadow

Apply a matte flesh toned cream eye shadow as a base (I used Bobbi Brown in Bone)
With a countering brush apply  taupe eye shadow through your eye socket with a light hand (I used Bobbi Brown in Taupe)
With an eyebrow definer brush press in brown black eye shadow  into the upper lash line,  thinner towards the inner corner of the eye lid and thicker towards the end of the eyelid and flick it out slightly (I used Bobbi Brown in Caviar)
Now go over the same line with a liquid eyeliner (I used L´ORÉAL Super Liner Perfect Slim in black) ( Trick: Make the line thickest around your iris, almostk like a little triangle)
On the  half of the lower lashline appy a black eyepencil  and  then go over with a  eyepencil in bronze on the whlole lower lashline  ( I used Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero and Unederground)

Apply corner fake eyelashes ( I used Pennies volume eye lashes and just cut them into halves)
Apply two to three coats of black mascara ( I used 17 Peep Show Mascara in Black)

I only countoured my cheks with a very dark concealer ; Apply the darker shade right under your cheeckbone and blended it out thouroghly
( I used Bobbi Brown councealer in chestnut)

Apply lip pencil in nude slightly over the  natural lipline (I used MAC lip pencil in Naked)
With a lip brush apply a nude lipstick (I used Yves Saint Laurent Rouge pur Couture5 Beige Etrusque)
Finish the look with one  coat of  clear gloss.

What do you think of Angi's
cat eye look? Let me know in the comments!

xxx Marina

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  1. Great Post ,love the Eye Make up!


  2. I really love your inspiration dear, you recreate so well the look! Great make up and photo!:) Kisses and have a nice day!:)

  3. wow i would love to try this one....angelina is gorgeous...u look grt aswell!!

    btw be sure to check out my NEW POST'

  4. I love this look! My eyes are so small that I'll try any look that will emphasize them!

  5. Gorgeous! Your eyes look amazing with this make up :) xx

  6. You look fab! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  7. i love cateyes!
    i actually do a slight cateye
    everytime i put eyeliner on. i like
    the retro-esque look it has.


  8. How amazing is Angelina Jolie's eyes. So impressed! Love this post.

    I love applying eyeliner, but I suck at doing it on my right lid ha!!

    Great blog girl. I just became a follower and excited for your future posts :)

    Luc X


  9. Definitely love this look so much! Angelina is gorgeous and i inspired my daily make-up on this sort of natural look often actually =) Only without the fake lashes as i don't take the time and effort to do this ;) Great job again Marina!!

    Love, Denise


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