April 18, 2012

Lancôme - Rouge in Love Spring Collection 2012

 I was intrigued by the new Lancôme advertisement, showing Emma Watson wearing red lipstick in their new spring collection.  The collections consists of Rouge in Love, which is the lipstick line and Vernis in Love, which is the polish line.
 I guess with Emma as the spokesperson and the new hip packaging, the collection is supposed to appeal to a younger girls and women. Here in Ireland the lipstick is priced at 25 Euro a piece, so I am not really sure if that would appeal to younger girls and women. I guess Lancôme should have taken also the price  into consideration.  
The new lipstick collection feature a new polymer technology that yield long-wear color, nourishing oils that adhere to lips and moisturize them as well as a balm, and silicon that yields a vinyl-like sheen that can rival that of any gloss.

The Lipstick collection is divided into three categories:
Jolis Matins - soft, pretty, semi-sheer shades which are designed for daytime wear and named with the letter M
Boudoir Time - vibrant and more trendy shades for after office hours and named with the letter B
Tonight is My Night -rich and  seductive shades identified with the letter N.

For all the Swatches check out Karla Sugar's review here.

Although I love my YSL lippies I couldn’t contain myself and bought three lipsticks from the line.  I guess you can’t have enough lipsticks and it was 10% off on everything in Debenhams. Well if that is not reason e enough…
Here are my new lippies: two from the Jolis Matins family, and one from the Boudoir Time family.  I didn’t really liked any of the shades of the Tonight is My Night family, as most of them are reds, and I do own quite few red lippies.

128M Ever So Sweet - bright pink coral with  subtle gold sparkles, which are not really visible, and I you  can’t feel them either on your lips

322M Corail in Love - light, warm, coral pink, it’s a perfect color for spring combined with pastel tones

146B Miss Coquelicot -  more red  than pink coral, at first glance almost orange but the color wears off to more vibrant coral pink.( my favourite so far)

from left to right: 146B Miss Coquelicot, 128M Ever So Sweet, 322M Corail in Love
As you can see all three belong  to a coral family! Note to myself: I must, must, must stop buying coral lipsticks!

200B The Rose - beautiful pinkish brown rose, looks very soft on my lips

340B Rose Boudoir - soft muted pink

I am not usually Lancôme person, although I did like their Juicy tubes for a long time back in my teeny years, but I have to say, really love their new lipsticks. They feel very nice on my lips,  so moisturizing almost like a balm. They apply with a shine but then  dry to a matte finish, which I kind of like.  The color wears of evenly and you are left with pretty stain on your lips. The lipstick lasted on me for about four hours, and then it needed reapplying again.  Might go  and check few other shades out!
How about you ladies? Have your tried the new Lancôme lipstick yet?  

xxx Marina

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  1. Love the Shades!


  2. wow they look really nice have to try them out :)

  3. I looked at these the other day but didn't pick any up as was overwhelmed buy the colour choice, which isn't a bad thing. Love the look of the ones you picked up, I am also fan of a coral lip. Will be checking these out again. x

  4. Thank you for this post, I ll definitely buy one them, these are amazing!:-)


  5. I just love the second one but they all are amazing! Kisses dear!

  6. Ever So Sweet is so pretty, I think I need to check it out in person :)

  7. i love that these lipsticks last forever and ever! even after eating 2 meals and washing my face. i like 170N :)

  8. Love that Coral colour! Sooo pretty!

    The Urban Umbrella


  9. i really love all three! xo

  10. I love the first! It' so natural! :)


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