January 01, 2012

My favourite Lip gloss in 2011: GUERLAIN Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss

Let me tell you all about why this one is my favourite lip gloss; its creamy,  it doesn't dry out my lips, it plums my  lips naturally,
its non sticky, smells so divine and look so expensive in the golden packaging.

The only downside it really the hefty  price tag of Euro 28 for so little product, so I really use it sparingly to make it last.
This is not only lip gloss but also lip care at the same time:
Its  combined with anti-ageing active ingredients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C to curb the cell renewal and minimise fine lines and wrinkles and  helps lips look and stay more beautiful by smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

 This comes in 8 shades, and my favourite is no 461 Baie de Rose.The shade  no 461 Baie de Rose shows as a  warm rose on my lips and looks very natural. It looks like a colour of my lips but only better!  So the colour is very sheer but quite buildable.  I have repurchased this lip gloss five times so far  and will try the shade 421 Grenat next time.

my natural lips before the kiss kiss gloss

my lips in kiss kiss essence de gloss in no 461 Baie de Rose
I am addicted to this lip gloss, and I definitely feel that my lips look plumper, smooth and more youthful.
Try this lip gloss, and you will never ever want anything else on your lips.

                                   xxx Marina


  1. Great post! I will definitely have to try this lip gloss!

    XOXO Aisha

  2. Thanks Aisha! I think everyone must try this lipgloss to know what I am talking about... you have a great blog to.... I am a follower now... Greets from Dublin! xxx

  3. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too and enter in my future giveaway so you can win an awesome gift!

    Ana Wallflower


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