January 03, 2012

Benefit Bathina + Maybe Baby Perfume... so sexy!

I just absolutely adore this duo!
The Maybe Baby scent is my signature fragrance, and I keep coming back to it, no matter how many other perfumes I try.
When I wear this perfume, people ask me all the time what perfume I am wearing ;)

 Its sexy and flirtatious without being to daring, and never fails to make me feel a bit pampered and pretty.
I would say it’s more a night time fragrance, or should be reserved for that special occasion, when you want to feel very sexy ;)

It smells very strong at first, but wears off slowly throughout the day, and  has good longevity.
Top notes: apricot and white ginger; Middle notes: water blossoms, lychee and bergamot; Base notes: white musk and warm peach.

I think this is definitely a scent for girls or women who are very happy, youthful, stylish and sexy!

And now to Benefit Bathina – body so fine….hmmm

This yummy floral smelling balm is the  perfect match to my Maybe Baby Perfume.
It comes in a pink tin with a big velvet puff in a separate compartment for application. Its bit  expensive but it lasts for ages.

The texture of the balm is very silky and smooth and leaves a subtle sheen on my body.
This smells so flirty, it smells rosey and sweet, little bit like an expensive powder,  which is not overpowering and lingers  for while.

The texture of the balm is very silky and smooth, but doesn't replace a normal body moisturizer so I use this as a glow on top of a moisturizer.
I use this on my arms and d├ęcolletage if there on show on a night out,
it covers me in a subtle sexy sheen making me feel  sexy, elegant and classy, in a kind of  Marilyn Monroe type of feel.

xxx Marina

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