January 01, 2012

Boots 17 peep show mascara + a free smoky eye palette

While I was shopping in Boots today, this pretty new  mascara caught  my eye... the packaging is very  pretty in pink and black, and just looks so  very girly  and I loved the catchy name... and on top of that,  it came with a free smoky  eye palette with a special introduction price of Euro 7.30,   had  never  purchased  a 17 Mascara before, so I thought I might give it a go.. 

 The mascara is enriched with fibres, so basically  the fibres are supposed to  cling to lashes, volumising and lengthening from root to tip... have heard of this wonder fibres before, but have not tried any so far....

My Verdict so far
I like! It definitely makes my eyelashes thicker and separates them nicely at the same time. I find the formula quite on a dry side,  is very long lasting and doesn't smear.  The fibres are not really obvious, or at least  I couldn't see them.  I found that this mascara easily built up on my lashes without being clumpy or leaving me with long  spider legs.  Its not dramatic as YSL so I would say its very wearable for a daytime. Overall I did find that this mascara gave my lashes  more volume and also of lenght.   Love the affordable price tag!

xxx Marina

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  1. I have heard of boots! Being in the US I haven't seen it anywhere!!

    Hope you don't mind but I found you on another blog and decided to follow you!

    Hope you having an amazing new years so far!!!

  2. Hey Sweety, thanks for following me... the year started out right, so we will see what the year holds... I dont think there is boots in USA... there are an UK based company... Hope you will have a great year too! Greets from Dublin!


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