January 08, 2012

How to look younger - five things that age you most

Who wants to look younger? Hands up!
But is  there a possibility to look younger? Much younger? Everyone can turn back the clock and take off at least five years.
Forget about ageing gracefully and check  if you are making any of the mistakes:

1. Uneven skin tone
That's right, nothing ages you more than the brown spots, which are associated with old age. Young skin is blemish free and even in skin tone. Surveys have shown that women with photo aged skin were judged  older as their counterparts who had wrinkled skin but no sun damage. To even  out your skin tone, exfoliate your face with a mild exfoliating cream containing mild glycol acid everyday and look for  creams that contain lightening agents such as  vitamin C, kojic acid, arbutin, beaburry and mulberry.

Woman with uneven skin tone                                                                  Woman with even skin tone

2. To much make up and wrong foundation
One thing make up artist do is use less make up if they want to look the model younger.
So if your foundation is to thick and to matte, it will make you look older, because youthful skin is smooth, dewy and has a natural glow. I prefer liquid, sheer, slightly luminous  foundation that matches exactly my skin tone. To find the best colour match, apply the foundation on the sides of your neck.
There is no need to apply your foundation all over your place, for the most youthful results apply only where needed, which is should be usually your T-zone.  But also avoid oily face, because that will emphasise imperfections and make the wrinkles more prominent. Go easy on blusher and and find  out what colour suits you best and stick to them.

 Kyle Minogue in the 80ies                                          Kyle Minogue in 2011 looking younger

Christina Aguilera wearing to much make up                                 Christina Aguilera wearing natural make up

3. Over plucked eyebrows
Full eye brows are associated with youth, just have a look at children and teenagers, they all have full eyebrows. As we get older, the eyebrows start to thin.
The worst thing one can do is over pluck, and  once plucked, your eyebrows can take months to eventually grow back. Until that happens, fill in bare spots  rather with a light brown  brow powder or eye shadow than pencil, which can be to harsh and look unnatural.  If you don't know how to pluck eyebrows yourself, go to an eyebrow bar, Benefit counter being the best.

over plucked eyebrows                                                                 naturally full eyebrows

Gwen Stefani thin eyebrows                                        Gwen Stefani thicker eyebrows 

4. Dark matte lipstick colours
As we age, our lips lose some of their youthful plumpness, our lip lines begin to fade and, as a result, our lipsticks no longer stay where we apply them. And, really, nothing makes a woman look more "grandma" than her dark red lipstick bleeding into the lines around her mouth.  Try instead sheer rosy lip gloss. See also my review on my favourite lip gloss here.

Sharon Stone looks younger and more radiant with natural rosy lip gloss

Madonna looking older with red lip stick                                      Madonna looking younger with rosy lipgloss

5. Hair
If you want to look younger, go two shades lighter than your natural hair colour. Choose highlights over all over colour for more natural and youthful look.For best results look at the pictures when you were child, this should be the colour that suits you best.  Also avoid stiff hair look, because youthful hair has bounce and movement,  and if you can skip hair spray all together, because it only dries out your hair and makes it more brittle. I also find shorter hair ages some women, so try to keep your long locks long as possible.

Drew with to light hair colour and stiff mess                    Drew looking younger with more natural hair colour

Demi Moore then and now

Kate Winslet then and now

So what do you think ladies, what is that you find most ageing in women? Would love to hear your opinion.

                                                               xxx Marina


  1. Thank you Elle! Love your blog! Following now! xxx

  2. I totally agree with the dark lips making you look older... Lips look thinner with darl colors and this definitely makes you look old... That's why I avoid doing this.

  3. Your blog makes very interesting reading


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