January 08, 2012

10 Life Lessons I've learned so far....

  • You got to let go when you lose someone you love. If someone wants out of the relationship, accept it and wish them best of luck. And dont even bother to find out the truth, because sometimes its just better not to know why someone really  has left. If you are meant to be together,  you will be.

  • The only way to be happy is to be true to yourself. If you spend your time trying to please everyone then you're not going to benefit from it. If you don't love yourself not one else will.

  • Moving around a lot and running away doesn't make problems go away.

  • Do not do to others what you don't want done to you. Don't use people to get what you want, but also don't let anyone use you.

  • You will always make mistakes, you will always get hurt , sometimes by people you barely know, sometimes by people you loved and sometimes even by yourself...you just have to find the strength to stand on your feet.

  • Life is complicated and messy and going through the mess with others is essential.  You need the  support of your friends and your family.

  • Never try to change yourself for anybody and never expect somebody to change for you.

  • Trust your intuition, if you feel that something is wrong  about the person or a matter, it usually always is.

  • You'll be a lot happier if you learn to not care about what others are thinking or saying about you. Try not to take it to personally if someone insults you, they usually just don't like themself that much.

  •  Never, ever,  think of  giving up on something that you care about. No matter how desperate the situation may be, no matter how badly it seems that you will not succeed.  Don't let others tell you that you can't do it, just keep going.

  • And the hardest lesson I had  to learn was that Santa Claus and  the Easter Bunny are not real!

        I wasn't serious about my last lesson :)  What life lessons  have you learned so far?
                                       xxx Marina


  1. "Living in the past keeps you from making memories in the future"

    Jen X

  2. loving this post!!! so true...past is past theres nothing we can do but treasure them but future is something that we can control n think wisely n move ahead to out new memories!!

    Btw Be sure to check out my new posts aswell
    love n luck

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  5. Santa isn't real? :( hahaha I was devastated when I found out he wasn't!

    Lovely post! :)

  6. Sorry Emma, removed your comment by coincidence :( well I am not sure about the Tooth fairy, never could figure that one out really... haha

    Thank you Zara, sorry you had to find the truth about Santa this way!


  7. Love this post :) and exactly everything on it is true for me aswell, still coming to terms with lesson number 1 :)


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