January 23, 2012

Aveda Color Conditioner - a real hair saver

Discovering Aveda Color Conditioner has changed the life of my hair forever. I actually can’t live without my Aveda’s Color Conditioners.
One thing is for sure, if they ever discontinue this, I will take my life… ok maybe not take my life, but I would cry like a baby. Yes, I will. Seriously.

I have been using the Color Conditioners  for about two years now, and one thing I can say is, that it really has saved my hair and  my hair has never been in a better state.
I used to color and highlight my hair on a regular basis, and once I colored my hair in a very dark black color, which I absolutely hated, so I went to the hairdresser to get it stripped off…. Now, one advice I can give you for life is to never, ever get the  hair color stripped off, this  basically is death to your hair, you might as well cut it off completely, no actually, you would be better off to cut it off, because you will spend a fortune for a color correction and then spent another fortune  trying to repair the damage from  the color correction. So don’t do it.

My hair  very weak, after beeing stripped off
 So basically, back then  I was looking for something that would give me natural looking highlights without requiring a permanent hair color  and further damaging my hair,  I found all this in the Aveda Color Conditioner.  I fell in love with the brand immediately, and let me tell you, I usually don’t stick with one brand for too long, because there are always new products coming out, and  I want to try them all.  With Aveda Color Conditioner my  hair feels  every time like it was just colored, so soft and smooth.
I have to say that  the Aveda Color Conditioners  are quite pricey, 29 Euro for 250ml tube, but well worth the money, since it cuts down on my frequency of visits to the hairdressers for color. So actually I have saved money!

In these video I've been using the clove conditioner to tone down my brassy highlights.

The Aveda Color Conditioner comes in five different shades, and I have tried all, except the Black Malva.

Infuses brunette and black hair with cool, dark tones and diminishes red hues. Black malva helps provide moisture to hair, while black tea helps intensify deep hues and purify the scalp.

Adds silvery brightness to gray hair and neutralizes brassy tones in all shades. Formulated with blue malva and coneflower to help impart wanted moisture and brightness.
This is great for platin blondes, just don’t leave it in too long, otherwise it will stain your hair purple.

Adds golden tones to lighter shades of hair. With organically grown camomile and calendula. Beta carotene enhances golden tones.
 This is one of my favorite Color Conditioners and  this was  great for bringing out the golden tones in my medium brown  hair with blond highlights.

Hair after using Camamile Condition
Excellent pick-me-up for tired looking hair or highlighted hair that has lost its sparkle.

I can recommend mixing this with  the Clove conditioner for a nice golden caramel tone.

Enriches warm tones in medium brown shades of hair. Contains organically grown clove to help enhance warm tones and purify the scalp.
Organically grown coffee helps to intensify brown shades.
This conditioner gives my hair a warm brown glow (not reddish), almost auburn.  I often use Clove conditioner to tone down  bright highlights.

Clove Conditioner only

Clove and Camomille mix

Madder Root Color Conditioner

Enriches warm tones in dark and red shades of hair. Madder root helps purify scalp and hair; natural colors help add and intensify red hues.
The product comes out a really strong red color, kind of a cool tone red, not an orangey warm red. This works best for copper to auburn shades of hair, or darker hair looking for a pop of vibrancy. I wouldn’t recommend using this one blonde or highlighted hair, since it can turn your hair pink. Unless the pink  is you what you are looking for.

The Madder Root  is my newest addition, and I mix it together with Clove Conditioner for deeper auburn shade. I apply it on dry hair, as I would apply a  hair color, and leave it in for about 3 hours. It should intensify with repeat application.

Madder Root and Clove Conditioner
Online hair advice and choice of 3 free samples with every order.

My  Aveda Color Conditioner rituals at one glance
I mix them sometimes with my regular conditioner and it gives my color great depth and shine, and it leaves such a nice, smooth, weightless texture to the hair.
I  can leave it in for ages, and it works almost like a hair dye, I have to say it is pretty exciting to get this huge punch of an instant color from just a conditioner.
I  mix the different shades of the conditioner to get the perfect shade:
I mix  the Madder Root (red) and Clove (brown) conditioner to warm up the brown a bit and gives me rich auburn color
I mix  the Camomile (golden blond) and Clove (brown) conditioner for a nice deep caramel tone.

My only warning is to be careful with the Aveda color conditioners as they can stain your hands or bathroom fittings, clothes or God know what else. 
I haven’t used any of the shampoos in this color depositing line , but I have read reviews that they weren’t doing a great job in  color depositing.
 But as I said, can’t really comment , since I haven’t tried any of them, so  I use my Kerastase shampoo instead.

I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to keep coloring  and further damaging their hair anymore but still  wants keep their hair color vibrant.

Have you tried any Aveda Color Conditioners yet?

xxx Marina


  1. looks good! Keep up the good work:)



  2. I love trying out hair products! Great post your hair looks great! Now following,stop by my blog sometime! xoxo

    1. Thank you Amy... so happy about my hair now :) xxx

  3. I really love Aveda but haven't tried these products yet - they look great on your hair! xo

    1. Oh Emma, you defo should... its a God sent Conditioner :) xxx

  4. Wow, never thougth of this, what a good idea! And much easier and cheaper than hair dyes!

  5. Anonymous01:25

    Hi! I found your blog so interesting. I also just started using the conditioners, and love it! I've been using the Madder Root because I wanted to enhance my red. However rather then a softer red like I had wanted...it came out more of a Auburn brownish- red. I was wondering if you have every mixed The Blue Malva & Madder Root?

    Thanks (jennscoups@gmail.com)

  6. Anonymous04:46

    Awesome!!!! I just read your blog - and I do the exact same thing too!! It has saved me tons at the Salon + way healthier! I love the color depositing conditioners!!! I also do the mixing of colors - madder root+ clove, etc. Also - thanks for the idea of combining Camomile and Clove - that's going to be my next trial!! Thanks for the post!

    1. Yeah I couldn't live without Aveda :) Let me know how your mix then turned out :)

  7. Have you tried mixing the black Malva with the chamomile? I am a natural light ash blonde, in bright lights it looks grey and in the sunlight it'll look golden or red, I want to achieve a natural dark/richer ashy blonde color but one that's not too golden so I was wondering if mixing the black Malva with the chamomile would help achieve that color?

  8. Anonymous07:39

    OMG you are a life-saver!! Best review on these products by far !! Thanks so much :)

  9. Christine20:25

    For Indian black hair to cover the grey do you recommend malva or the clove? Thanks a bunch.

  10. Great review! I think it actually works so well on you because your hair is treated. I used to use Madder Root when I had stripped my hair too light and then continued on dark brown hair for a warmer tone. Now, I have some light highlights growing out so thinking about trying the Chamomile with or without mixing in the Madder Root because I know the ends will take so strongly and not sure how easily the Madder Root would wash out of the more porous hair if it's too dark this time. :)


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