January 26, 2012

What the color you are wearing says about you and how it affects your mood

The colors we choose to wear can define our personalities and also it can affect our mood.
Whether you are aware of it or not, most of us are mood dressers.  So if you are in a good mood, you probably would choose bright colors such as pinks and reds, and if you feel bit down you are very likely to go for darker colors such as blacks and grays, which only can make you feel worse.
Find out what the color of your wardrobe says about you and how you can use it more effectively to your advantage.

Want to get someone’s attention? Red is your color! The color red empowers and draws attention toward the wearer. is the most emotionally intense color It’s also strongly associated with romance, passion and sensuality. So that makes it a great date color. It is also considered to be the color of energy. It’s also associated with anger sometimes. 
Other red tones like Burgundy conveys sophistication, while orange-red or coral red would be worn by someone who is lively. Red can make someone appear a little heavier if overused.
Be careful, it’s also been said that red stimulates the appetite and can make you hungry for junk food, so wear with caution if you’re trying to eat healthier.

Like red, orange draws attention and energy, but unlike intense red, it’s a little more soothing.  It’s associated with fun, happiness, but also ambition.
Orange is a generally considered bold color and it can make you feel quite playful. It's also a color that has a great deal of sexual energy to it.
Orange will help put you in a positive and energetic mood.

Purple is associated with creativity royalty, prosperity and wealth.  Purple is a more feminine color, but young girls are more likely to choose it. 
Purple can also appear to be artificial.
Like red, purple is a very stimulating color which can boost your energy level when you see it. It’s also a color that’s sometimes associated with spirituality and intuition, so if you’re having trouble making a decision, paint your nails lavender and see what comes to you.

pink and other rosy shades are  the true girly-girl’s favorite color, and it’s also associated with romance and happiness. Because of its romance association, pink is a good choice for a date. People who wear pink, regardless of gender, appear approachable and capable of loving others, but also they might be often emotional and selfish.  Pink is very calming, so don’t wear it if you need tons of energy.

Blue is considered a business color as it reflects reliability and it also symbolizes loyalty.
 It’s also associated with the imagination and creativity. Blue is a color that can be both, peaceful and calming as well as cold and standoffish.
Navy blue is a good alternative to black: very slimming and elegant at the same time and a great color to wear if you are feeling bit tired and your skin looks pale
If you’re feeling really stressed out, the color blue can help you feel more relaxed. If you’re sad, however, you might want to steer away as the color blue can subconsciously make you feel more “blue.” 

Shades of green are calm and soothing, and are associated with nature and the outdoors. That’s why green is one of spring’s most popular shades.  But let's not forget that green is also the color of money.  Dark green is considered masculine, conservative and is associated with wealth. This is also a color of persistent people, sometimes stubborn, accurate and critical.
Green is also refreshing and has been found to reduce stress in those who look at it. If you’re feeling really overwhelmed during finals week, add green to your outfit and you might feel more relaxed. Green also lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and helps muscles relax.

Yellow is the color of the sun and it’s associated with joy, happiness and optimism. It conveys anxiety and alertness of mind.
Yellow is also associated with intelligence and inspiration, so wearing something yellow on the day of your big final exam might help you come up with some extra answers. Sunny shades of yellow are the perfect thing to cheer you up on a bad day, so if you’re feeling down, wearing yellow could help perk you back up. At the same time yellow can be overpowering when used too much. 

White is associated with purity, peace, innocence, simplicity, cleanliness and of course happiness. Think of the white wedding! Not a fun color to keep clean though.
If you are missing summer on a cold day, wear white! It reflects light and reminds us of sunnier days.

is indicative of the fact that you are a balanced person in life. It looks elegant and is considered to be brainy, practical, timeless and solid.
Gray is also is sometimes associated with depression and loss, whether it be mourning or a general lack of direction. 
Gray is a great color to wear because it mixes well with other colors.

Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strength and reliability. This color is chosen by people, who are looking for coziness, serene life and the feeling of safety. Brown can also be sophisticated, I would say Brown is the new black, and is softer and more flattering on most skin tones.
Wear brown if you want to feel more grounded. But be careful, brown can also create feelings of sadness and isolation.

Black can be formal, it is the color of responsibility, authority and power. It also implies you are independent and a bit of a loner and it also suggests underlying insecurity and self doubt.
It is also associated with the darkness and the evil, just think of the bad guys in the movies, they always wear black. 
Black can be slimming, but also absorbs light and drains your complexion. Black also ages your face, as it can highlight dark lines under the chin, shadows around the eyes and the dreaded wrinkles.
But on the other hand black is also a color that will give you some rocker-chick edge.
Anyways, if you’re going for a promotion at work or interviewing for a new job, you might want to wear black.

My favorite color of all the times is surprise, surprise: pink….Pink just makes me so happy … so basically my whole wardrobe consists of pinks and corals, and to some extent reds….  I usually like to combine them with black or charcoal.
What are you favorite colors and do you need to be in a special mood to wear them?

                                            xxx Marina


  1. What a cool post! I've just discovered your blog, and I really like it- you seem like a really lovely, warm person, and I love the creativity element. Love, Sunshine :-)

    1. Than you very much Sonia!I am happy that you like it... Greets from Dublin! xxx

  2. cool blog! I'm following :)


  3. I really need to wear more colour! I wear a lot of neutrals, greys, blacks, camel etc but could do with a pop of colour xo


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