January 09, 2012

How to make a foundation full coverage

Do you wish your foundation would provide more coverage...Don't despair, follow this easy tip for a full cover  finish:

1. Take a small container where you want to  keep the new foundation and the foundation you wish to thicken up. 
2. Add a small amount of fluid concealer ( I used Vichy Dermablend concealer)  
3. Mix the foundation and concealer with a stick or with a small brush.

4. Add moisturizer if the foundation feels to cakey or thick and mix again.
5. And voila , finished is your own full coverage foundation.

If the foundation feels bit to dry on your face, apply small amount of moisturizer on dry spots. You can also lighten the foundation  this way, if you feel that  it is bit to dark for your skin tone.

Hope this helps!

xxx Marina

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