December 25, 2011

Would You Get Eyelash Extensions?

Ever tried professional eye lash extension?
Well I did, the office Xmas party was coming up and of course that was the occasion to finally try them out.

 I paid 90 Euro for a full set ala 100 eyelashes per eye, that makes it 200 eyelashes in total. The procedure takes about two hours.
After that, you are not supposed to come in contact with water or oil, otherwise the eyelashes will fall off.

The permanent eyelashes were supposed to last up to five weeks, but I can tell you that my extensions started to fall out after day 3.  After two weeks, all of the extensions fell out and left me with stroppy and short eyelashes. Thank God they are growing again. 

My verdict
In the first few days, I thought the eyelash extension  were looking great on me, they gave me  that wide open  eye look and made my eyes look significantly bigger and looked very natural... you wouldnt have noticed that they were fake...
But after a week or so, I started to  find the extension very irritating and my eyes felt sore and very itchy at times, especially when they came  in contact with water by accident.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelashes after the extensions fell out  

Would  I do it again? I don't think so!
In my opinion,  they are not worth the money you pay! You are better off to get some individual eyelashes on mac or ingolt counter just for the night or that special occasion!

xxx Marina

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  1. I had some eyelash extensions done and the exact same thing happened to me! Was so disappointed :( x


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