December 27, 2011

Castor Oil can give you new feet

Getting my feet ready for the new year...
 I am always surprised how much time I spend on pampering  my face and how little attention goes to  my feet !

My SOS for tired, dry, worn out feet is Organic Castor Oil  + plain cotton socks.
 You can get Castor oil in Health shops or pharmacies.

How to get started
  • Bath your feet in Epsom Salts with few drops Eucalyptus Oil, that should leave them refreshed.
  • Cut and file the nails.
  • Massage your feet with Castor Oil for about five minutes.
  • Put on thick cotton socks for few hours,but for  best results leave them overnight on and you will wake up with feet like new.
  • Put a nice coat of bright nail polish, I prefer Rimmel  polish 60 Seconds in coralicious And voila, my feet are ready to rock and roll again!

PS: Top Tip for very tired party feet:
Massage your  feet with  VICKs VapoRub, put on cotton socks, go to bed and wake up with refreshed and baby bottom soft feet! No kidding!

xxx Marina

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