December 26, 2011

PhD Diet Whey - Dieters Best Friend

Ok ladies, Christmas is over, and if you are anything like me, you are already thinking how to get rid of few pounds !

I never liked protein shakes, they always left bit of bad taste in my mouth, and to be honest they never really satisfied me either...

As mentioned before, my Xmas party was coming up and I wanted to wear a neck halter back free dress.... the only thing that almost stopped me from it , were the few back fat rolls on my back... I wasn't overweight or something , but I defo could have done with some toning.

Friend of my mine, who was a professional figure competitor for years told me, if I really want to get rid of  the nasty back rolls,  I need to increase my Protein to Carbohydrate ratio intake... so how I am gonna do that: with a protein shake.
He also told me about the PhD Diet Whey and where I can get it. So  I went to Holland and Barrett's and had a look at the packaging:
My first thought, not appealing, looks like a bag full of chemicals, and it was pricey, Euro 36.00 for 1kg bag.

Since I trusted my friend, I decided to give it a go and choose the Flavour Belgian Chocolate.

My friends advice was to have two spoons of the shake mixed with water with every meal spread five times over the day.

So my plan for one day looked as follows:

PhD Diet Whey Shake
Oats made with water and few raisins for sweetness

PhD Diet Whey Shake
1 Apple

Salmon with Broccoli + 1 Small baked potato with skin

PhD Diet Whey Shake
1 Orange,

Dinner :
Chicken with any non starchy Vegs + 1 small potato with skin

So my verdict:
I actually love it. It tastes delicious even just mixed  water, no bad after taste at all, it actually tastes like a treat.
I tried all  the flavours over the two months: Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Strawberry Delight, Vanilla Creme, White Chocolate Deluxe

And my favourites were Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Strawberry Delight. I thought that Vanilla Creme and White Chocolate Deluxe tasted bit bland, so I spiced them bit up with frozen berries. The taste was similar to frozen smooty, so creamy...

Now the million dollar question:  Did I lose any weight?

Yes I did! don't think it was due to the PhD Diet Whey Shake, it was more like that I didn't have any junk food, but because of the shake, I  didnt have any cravings, and I never felt hungry or deprived.
I stuck in the end to the diet for about two months and I defiantly have increased my muscle mass... I looked leaner by almost same weight I was before.  I exercises maybe for about three hours a week: 1 x 45 min. spinning class and 2 x 45 min. weight based toning not really much of an effort....

For more informatin about the PhD Diet Whey have a look on their website.

And  here is the end result for my xmas party,  judge for yourself:

xxx Marina

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