December 28, 2011

bepanthen ointment in your face

I know what you are thinking, baby bottom cream on your face? Yes! I use it on my eyes, chapped  lips, dry cuticles... in fact, I use it on everywhere where I have damaged skin or I feel a painful zit starting to grow.

How I discovered this wonder cream:
After the removal of my eyelash extensions, my eyes dint stop itching, so I used the cream around my eyes for few days, because it is created to stop baby bottoms itching and prevent them from nappy rash.

Well I thought, whats good for a baby bottom, its still good enough for my face.... :)
... and you know what, after only using this cream for two nights,  my fine lines actually have disappeared completely. The skin around the eye area was really smooth and firm . Let me tell you, no high end eye cream has ever managed that.

I use the Imagine skin care, while I find them very good and effective, they do dry out my face at times and since they are very rich in glycolic acid, my skin is always peeling a bit, which is a good thing (new skin).  Now I apply the cream on the effected area, and voila the peeling is gone and it soothes the redness.

I only use it at night, because its very rich and greasy and it would smear only  my eye make up during the daytime.

Although the ingredients are nothing special , dexpanthenol makes a difference. Rather than just making a film on the skin, the product does have real healing properties.

For only  Euro 3.90  a 30 ml tube,  I will definitely continue using this ointment forever!

I also use the dermo roller once a week and I mix the ointment together with Weleda Skinfood and and Elisabeth Arden 8 hour cream as a  after care treatment to soothe my face and speed up the healing process

Here is the video for the micro needling  part - just in case you are interested.

From Bepanthen website:

  • Bepanthen is an ointment containing pro-vitamin B5. Pro-Vitamin B5 gently aids natural skin recovery, while keeping it soft smooth and moisturised.
    Bepanthen forms a long lasting, breathable transparent layer, protecting even the most delicate skin from the causes of nappy rash.

  • Bepanthen does not contain perfumes, antiseptics or preservatives and is clinically proven to protect from the causes of nappy rash.
  • Ingredients:

  •  Dexpanthenol(50mg/g), Lanolium, Protegin X, White Vaselin, Beeswax, Bitter Almond Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl. Alcohol, Liquid Paraffin, Purified Water

                                                              xxx Marina


    1. I always use Bapathan when i get a new tattoo and it helps them heal so id totally use it on my face... might have to try using it on my under eyes like you said :)


    2. Anonymous10:06

      Suzanne Gibbs... 48 years old... I have rosacea and suffer redness and very dry skin on my face.. I am currently using bepanthen on my face... It is amazing....... My skin feels much better... No itchiness... Less redness... This is fabulous... I'm one happy woman. Suzanne.


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