August 11, 2014

YSL Le Teint Encru de Peau aka YSL Fusion Ink Foundation - Review

According to the magazine Baazar, there are 25 000 women on the list waiting for the new YSL foundation... you heard me right...25 000 on the waiting list!! Now, that's exciting news - surely this must be the best thing since sliced bread so. Or since YSL Touche Eclat.  Let's have a look first what Yves Saint Laurent has to say about the most anticipated wonder product in 2014. 

YSL LE TEINT ENCRE DE PEAU is a groundbreaking response to demand for comfortable, weightless, ink-like coverage with longwearing prowess. A cutting-edge, high-efficacy formula has dramatically changed the cosmetic landscape with its unique lightweight feel and effortless precision. 
Inspired by the ink architecture, this foundation, that works in complete symbiosis with the skin, contains a combination of sensorial and volatile oils which, upon contact with the skin, prompt the transformation from liquid to pigments in a matter of seconds. These oils also facilitate the sensorial experience of application as they swiftly evaporate, leaving behind the pure pigments and the actives perfectly melded with the skin.
As delicate as satin draped across the skin, the revolutionary and featherlight texture, allows for a buildable coverage without the caked-on, mask-like effect of long-wear formulas.

Right, sounds good to me: featherlight texture, satin skin and buildable coverage. But does it live up the hype and does it have the potential to become one the cult products that we must try before we die? Or has this all been just a clever marketing plot? As it happens, I've the foundation already, so let's see!

Wearing YSL Le Teint Encru de Peau in Shade B20 - no concealer and setting powder used


The foundation comes in glass bottle with an applicator that resembles calligraphy brush and to apply it, you just dab few dots around your face and work it in with your fingers or brush. I applied it with my fingers and the the foundation literally melted into my skin, the texture feels almost like dry oil.  It's quite easy to build it up if you need to cover pigmentation marks or redness without having it looking to cakey. 
It is so silky and lightweight with a natural matte finish, it genuinely looks like skin -  I love it - and let me tell you, I am generally not interested in anything that's matte or drying - I like to glow like a firefly!  I would say, the texture is very similar to Armani Maestro, Lancome Air de Teint and L'Oreal Nude Magic foundation, if you have sampled any of the foundations you would agree with me. 

Check out also my YouTube video in which I am wearing the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation!

And boy does it last, I applied the foundation at 8.00 in the morning and I still looked the same when I got home at 6.00 in the evening, without setting powder! If you have an oily or a combination skin and hate to combat the shine 24/7, you are gonna love this too! On the other hand if your skin is extremely dry and flaky, I would stay away,  as it will only emphasize every single dry patch. 
The foundations also contains some skin beneficial ingredients such as tamanu oil to help slow down ageing process and plump up the skin, but in all fairness I can't vouch for that after only using it for few days.  

The Foundation is available in 16 shades and is  priced at € 38.00.

I have the following  YSL Fusion Ink Shades B10, B20, B30, B50 and B60 

All in all, it is a great foundation worth trying out- and I will purchase other shades to use on clients, so herewith it has an approved permanent residency in my makeup kit (Gavel banging sound!). 

Is any of you ladies considering buying this foundation ?

xxx Marina

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  1. Anonymous16:18

    You look so lovely! I was wondering if you can tell me what product(s) you had on your lips. It's such a soft, beautiful look on you!

    1. Thank you! :) I am wearing MAC Lipstick in Patisserie, my favorite lipstick of all times :) x Marina

  2. Ya u look absolutely flawless. ..just wanna know if it photographs well with flash coz it has spf in it.

    1. The photo was take with a Canon 600D Camera with flash, so I had no problems. I also used it recently on a bride and she looked absolutely flawless and her makeup lasted all night long, she absolutely loved the foundation. But sure get a sample before you commit :) x Marina

  3. hi! u use in the photo b40 o b20?


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