May 17, 2014

Kardashian Beauty Au Naturel Lip Kit - Review

I am not really mad about the Kardashian clan and I generally don’t buy celebrity endorsed products such as makeup or perfumes, because they usually disappoint. Nonetheless I have to admit that Kardashian sisters’ makeup is always flawless, so I gave this line a go. I picked up the Kardashian Beauty Au Natual Lip Kit ‘In the Flesh’, which is a pinkier flesh-tone as the other two colours in the line.   I tend to look bit washed out with completely nude pale lips, so adding bit of pink to the nude doesn’t make me look like one from the waking dead.
This set features a dual ended lip liner and lipstick and separate lip-gloss.

Right from the start, lip pencil was dragging on my lips and felt waxy and dry and at some point it was even breaking off.  The lipstick that comes with it has a matt finish and was bit drying and accentuated every single line on my lips, it felt I applied chalk to my lips, not a good look. The lip-gloss was a tad more moisturizing and wasn’t sticky so it kind of salvaged the dry mess in the end.  The gloss smells like honey and the sponge applicator is quite long so it reaches right to the bottom of the tube. I am afraid that was the only good thing about this product.  

Wearing Kardashian Beauty Au Naturel Lip Kit "In the Flesh"
It’s a pity about this set, as I really liked the colour. In my opinion the product would have more potential if they would add more moisture to the lip pencil and the lipstick and more texture and shine to the gloss. Also the lip liner needs to be little stronger and better quality.  You taking notes Kardashians, only joking!
All in all I won’t repurchase again, as I find the price tag of  Euro 19.99 bit too steep for an average drug store product.
Have you tried any Kardashian’s Beauty products?

xxx Marina

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