May 11, 2014

Catrice’s Lash Couture Single Lashes - Review

I am big lover of individual lashes, a must have beauty item for thin lashes that need volume and fullness. They will make your eyes look bigger and flirty and will add instantly bit of glamour to your makeup look.
I am really impressed with Catrice’s Individual Eyelashes. The quality is superb, they are full and long, feel so soft and quite natural looking.  They come in a sturdy plastic box with three different lengths and the eyelashes can also be reused. The glue that comes with the box is quite good; it held the eyelashes all day and night in place.

 Wearing Catrice’s Lash Couture Single Lashes
Lipstick: MAC Patisserie
Blush: MAC Tenderling

The individual eyelash application might be bit tricky and but it gets easier with practice.
This method works for me best when I apply the lashes to myself: Start at the outer corner of the eye and work towards the inner eye corner. Pick up one lash with your tweezers, dip it into the glue,let the glue set for about 20 seconds and drop it onto your lashes  exactly where you want it. Then press on your lash line with the back of the tweezers. It helps if you’re looking down into a mirror. To help the lashes really bond to your natural lashes, pinch your natural and false eyelashes together between your fingers firmly. To remove them, lift the outside edge of the eyelashes and pull gently. Any glue residue can be removed with an oil based cleanser.   

The quality of  Catrice's eyelashes is comparable with the high end brands such as MAC, Makeup Forever but just for a fraction of the price. The lashes are available in Penneys stores and also some pharmacies in Ireland stock them. Price in Ireland €4.49.
I will defo buy these again and recommend you checking these out next time you are in Penneys.
Have you tried Catrices falsies yet?
xxx Marina

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  1. Is there anything different about the lashes from the first row, second and last.

    1. Hi Amela - yes all the rows are slightly different in size - but not significantly. Marina


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