November 24, 2013

Bridal Makeup: Best lipstick for the Bride

How to choose a lipstick for your wedding
As a general rule your lipstick should coordinate with your dress, wedding theme and of course with the rest of the make-up.
I always recommend soft pink-beiges, light or coral pinks, and also the classic red to the brides. I think these shades are timeless and also photograph best. The consistency of the lipstick should be creamy and smooth. Avoid matte lipstick as they can be bit drying.  If you want to your lipstick to last long, then you must use and lip pencil. Choose a lip pencil shade lighter or the same as the actual lipstick color.
I would not recommend using lip-gloss on your wedding day; firstly because it just doesn't look good in photographs and secondly it makes the lipstick less lasting.  And if you must apply lip-gloss then concentrate the lip-gloss on the center of your bottom lip for a plumping effect. 

Here are some of my favorite Wedding lipsticks that I recommend you try:

This is a muted nude pink with peachy undertones, very similar to MAC lipstick in Blankety, only less pink. Cost in Dublin, Ireland: € 31.00

Check also out my YouTube  video featuring my favorite nude lipsticks: 

This is a light pink beige with neutral undertones. This is one of my favorite nude lipsticks of all the time. If I ever had to choose one lipstick only to take to Desert Island then it has to be this one. I have used this lipstick on my different complexions, and it really suits everyone. Cost in Dublin, Ireland: € 49.00.

Barry M Lipstick in 154 Pale Nude
This is a pale pink with warm undertones.I find it to be very similar in color to Tom Ford Lipstick in Blush Nude. So if you are on a budget, you won’t get better alternative. Given the price, this lipstick is very creamy and quite long lasting. Cost in Dublin, Ireland: € 5.95 Available at Boots.

This is warm toned, rosy beige brown with orange undertones.  It's fairly dark, so it is a great nude lipstick for darker complexions. Cost in Dublin, Ireland: € 31.00

This is a nude rose pink with plummy undertones. This is another shade that suits every complexion. Cost in Dublin, Ireland: € 6.99. 

This is warm light pink with coral undertones. It would be perfect shade for a spring wedding.
Cost in Dublin, Ireland: € 31.00

No 7. Moisture Drench Lipstick in Siren
This is a classic red with coral undertones. Great shade for vintage or retro wedding makeup. I also prefer the darker shades such as red or dark red for autumn and winter weddings. 
Cost in Dublin, Ireland: € 12.25 Available at Boots.

Application For Long Lasting Lip Color on your Wedding Day
Step 1: Before you start with your makeup, apply a generous amount of lip balm or Vaseline to deep moisturize your lips. Let the balm sink in for at least 20 minutes while you are doing the foundation/eye makeup 
Step 2: Apply lip primer or foundation as a base primer and let it dry.
Step 3: Apply lip liner around your lips, and then fill in the lips.
Step 4: Apply lipstick using a lip brush.
Step 5: Take a tissue and place it over your lips, and then apply another layer of lipstick.
Step 6: Apply another layer of lipstick using your lip brush.
Step 7: Apply lip-gloss on the center of your bottom lip.

Hope this post was helpful! Let me know in the comments!

xxx Marina
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  1. Hi Marina! These lipsticks are perfect for a bride, my fav is the first one but also the red is gorgeous!:) Happy Monday dear, kisses! xo

  2. Hi, great post. What other makeup are you wearing in the first one YSL 5,? It really suits you. Thanks x

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Anonymous11:54

    all the shades look soo good on you.. its not the case wit everyone :9 especially with me

  4. Definately very useful info! I am second year student, studying toward my international diploma in health & skincare. Im actually taking a 10min stud break now; which has actually turned into 30mins^^,) Co's i can't get enough of your blog!! Keep It up!

    I have 2 weddings coming up in April & im definately taking your advice on the lip colors. Please can you give some more lip color suggestions for brown skinned brides, as i am from South Africa.
    thank you ��������

    1. Hi Jay, happy to hear you like my blog, please spread the word ;)
      For the dark skinned beauties I recommend the following lipsticks:
      Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose
      MAC Cremesheen lipstick in spice is nice
      MAC cremsheen lipstick in Crème in your coffee
      Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in Teddy brown
      Hope this helps!
      Greets from Ireland! x

  5. Hi Marina,
    Thanks so much! Will definitely check these out.
    & I'll be sure to spread the word bout your stunning blog:)
    Keep well & keep up the good work!
    Kind regards form S.A

  6. Anonymous00:17

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