February 27, 2013

The Sacred Truth Mask by Lush - Review

One of my favorite face masks is The Sacred Truth Mask by Lush. Every time my skin starts to feel tired and stressed out, I always go back to this one. After using this mask my skin looks fresh, radiant and feels baby-soft. 
The mask contains many great ingredients including green tea, wheatgrass, ginseng. eggs, papaya and kaolin clay.  It has a buttery, creamy and  smooth texture and and spreadable. And the scent is so fresh and green 'grassy' and very natural and pleasant.

 I tend to leave it on longer than the recommended 10 minutes and let it really dry off completely and then rub it off in circular motions like a scrub and for an extra gentle exfoliation. 
The mask is fresh and must be kept in the fridge and used within two-three weeks. I get about six portions from one pot, so it's a great value for my money too. Cost in Ireland € 8,20. 

 Highly recommended.

Have you tried any mask from Lush? Which one do you love and recommend? 

xxx Marina


  1. Never try any mask from Lush you know! I should do soon, this one inspires me! Kisses Marina!! xo

  2. You are even adorable in a face mask!! lol!! love Lush :-)


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