February 13, 2013

Essence Sun Club Allover Shimmer - 02 brunettes miami heat

Essence Sun Club Allover Shimmer for eyes, face and body comes in 2 versions, for 01 blondes  Ibiza sun – lighter skin and 02 brunettes miami heat- darker skin. I bought the one for brunnetes 02 which is also for darker skin types and I also liked it better, because of its warmer hue. The Shimmer Powder can be used all year around as a bronzer, blusher, highlighter and eye shadow.
At first glance, they Shimmer powder reminded me of Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer bricks, only for a fraction of the price of course.  The packaging is see through and contains 6 shimmer stripes of lighter and darker bronzes, pink and a golden highlighter. The powder is soft and shimmery, and is  very pigmented  so you really need a light hand with these, otherwise you will end up with dark patches.

In conclusion, the allover shimmer powder is a great product, especially given the price of € 4.50 . So if you are looking for a shimmery bronzer and highlighter that double up as eyeshadows, then this little beauty might be the one for you. Highly recommended!

Have you tried the Essesnce Sun Club All Shimmer for eyes, face &body?  Liked it or hated it? Please let me know!

xxx Marina

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Marina! Yep, I have it and it is one of my fav product!! Love the make up look you created with it!!! Have a nice day! Kisses! xo


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