January 25, 2013

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour - Review

Catrice is one of the best drugstore brands I've ever used. Their products are really cheap but the quality is surprisingly amazing. When I spotted these quads, I thought I had to have them. 
The eyeshadow texture is really soft and  smooth and the color distributes evenly. They last well throughout the day with primer, but without the primer they defo will crease. The packaging is thick clear plastic, so I would say the palette won't break down easily. 
The darker shades in the palettes are very pigmented. The lightest shades in the palette don't show up easily and lack pigment and also contain shimmer that is actually more a micro glitter. I also find that they don't blend well and the result is always almost one color.  
 Another complaint that I've with the eyeshadows, is that they have horrible fall out; after every application  I  always end up looking as if I've been attacked by a glitter bomb.
On the positive note they only cost € 4.49 here in Ireland.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour - 040 Never Let Me Go

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour - 050 Twinkle In The Eye

I can't hide my disappointment  with these quads and unfortunately I've to say that I would't recommend them to anyone. Sorry Catrice, you know I really like you, but these are really not great.

What are your thoughts on the Catrice Absolute Eye Colour quads?  Do let me know in the comments please ladies!

xxx Marina

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  1. Thanks Marina for sharing! I've never tried this brand, or heard of it to be honest, but now I probably won't. I have a similar eyeshadow duo like the first one from body shop that is really nice! xo

  2. Hi Marina! thanks for sharing your review, I never tried this kind of palette from Catrice, though I always see them and I am tempter:) But from what you say I dont know, I dont want stay disappointed as you! Kisses dear and happy weekend! xo

  3. I wanted to try them, but I won't! Thank you for posting!

  4. What a shame, these look really lovely as well. x


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