December 28, 2012

Get Angelina Jolie’s Pucker without Fillers

 Your lips are most balanced when the upper and lower lips are equal in size and thickness. That is usually only the case with most models, but with women like you and me,  we probably have to cheat the nature.
Keep in mind that lighter colors reflect light, so using lighter lip colors will give a fuller appearance to your lips. Darker lipstick absorbs light, so therefore will make your lips automatically look thinner.

And this is how you get the ideal lip shape in just four steps:

Step 1
 Apply foundation to your entire lip. This way you can see where your lip line actually is and also this way the lipstick will show up his true color.
 Using a white  or nude eyeliner pencil, very softly feather the pencil over the natural contour of the lip.  You can also use the pencil to make lips fuller by drawing it past your natural lip line, if you wish.

Step 2
 Reapply the line with a lip pencil in the color of your lipstick.

Step 3
Apply lipstick with a lip brush, starting from your cupid's bow to each outer corner, then from your outer corner to the center of your lower lip in a downward motion.
Step 4
Apply lip gloss to the top part of your cupid's bow and to the center of the bottom of your lip.
If you are not happy with the new line, then correct by applying  a liquid highlighter or liquid concealer  around the new lip line and blend it in with a lip brush or finger tips.

Hope you like the tips girlies!

xxx Marina


  1. Hi Marina! Thanks, it was fine! Hope your Xmas was nice too! Btw, thanks for your tips dear, I will definitely try it out! Kisses and happy friday! xo

  2. Pretty color and nice shiny. Advance happy new year

  3. OMG love this colour on Your lips ! gorgeous shade of pink <3 ...would You like to follow each other Dear ? just let me know :)

    Happy New Year ! :)

  4. great tips ,thank you

  5. I need a new nude liner! now following

    Xo Megan,

  6. Anonymous11:50

    i love this colour on your lips ;)


  7. sieht super aus! wobei du ohnehin tolle volle lippen hast!
    wünsche dir (mit reichlich verspätung) ein tolles neues jahr - hoffentlich hattest du auch schöne weihnachtsfeiertage :)
    glg dd

  8. Woah!! Lush Lips :) xx


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