September 14, 2012

Summer Favorites:Dior Vernis and Addict Extreme Lipstick in Rivera

I was in love with tangerine and coral colors this summer, and feel quite sad, that the summer is over and now I've a feeling that should turn more to darker and richer berry shades for the autumn and winter. Blah! That's all I can say, not my favorite time of the year. Roll on summer 2013.

My favorite nail polish that came out this spring/summer 2012 is Dior Vernis in 537 Riviera, a lovely hot orange coral shade. It looks fiery, but still very feminine. I definitely wouldn't call it a straight orange or coral, but it does lean more on the orangey side with a slight reddish undertone. I also find that in different lighting, the color looks different too. Two coats and you get rich full coverage and with proper application the nail polish lasts almost a week on my nails.

I also adore the matching Dior Addict Extreme 639 Riviera, which is a sheer pink coral with a very soft, natural shine. When applied it feels almost like a beautiful balm, and my lips feel so moisturized and always look fuller with this lipstick. The texture is almost identical to Revlon Lip butter.

What is your favorite nail polish and lipstick of the summer 2012?

xxx Marina


  1. Gorgeous nail colour :) x

  2. Anonymous23:05

    love the polish and that lip shade is absolutely gorgeous on your skin tone girl!

  3. Anonymous00:26

    great lipstick shade! looks great on you :)

  4. That's a lovely shade for a main pedi :)


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