May 03, 2012

shu uemura eyelash curler and ultimate natural mascara

Eyelash curler!!! I have tried them all, and I wonder why it took me this long to finally try shu uemura eyelash curler. I love this little thing! Highly, highly, highly recommend this curler.
Shu uemura eyelash curler has a rounded pad so you end up with a nice, long-lasting curl rather than the awkward crimp that most curlers give you. I find the curl is even across my lashes, smooth and without ridges.
I heat the curler up just slightly with a hairdryer and all it takes are a couple of 15-second presses to keep them curled and natural looking all day.
Just to test the curler out, I curled my lashes without adding any mascara and I have to say my lashes were still curled after 8 hours later.
Here in Ireland the eye lash curler costs 25 Euros, so it’s pretty pricey, however worth every cent!
It's unfortunate that you have to buy a whole new curler instead of just the refill pads, but I suppose you get what you pay for. 

One thing that always annoys me most with curling eyelashes, is that minute I apply mascara,
they go back to their original straight state. Urggh!
Well, I also found finally solutions to that too: and it’s called shu uemura ultimate natural looking mascara.
The mascara is slightly volumizing, and once applied to my curled eyelashes, it really holds the curl all day long.
It comes in a slim black metal tube and has an ordinary bristle brush, so nothing  really fancy, but  I love the really dark black color,  that gives an extra definition to my eyes.
 As with all high end mascaras,  it’s not cheap, 26 Euro here in Ireland, but in my opinion, so worth the price.
I highly recommended it to everyone who wants a natural-looking lightweight mascara which holds curl very well. I am telling you, you will love it.

What is your favorite eyelash curler? Can you recommend a good light weight mascara?
xxx Marina

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  1. I dont use an eyelash curler actually, my eyelashes are quite curled already. But I did have a friend who constantly complained about her lashes and she actually got them curled while she was in Thailand and she just loves them now. I don't know if that is necessarily the best route to go but she certainly seems to love it!

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. Follow you back! :):)

  3. Never heard about this one before but it seems perfect! Your eyelashes are so gorgeous in these pictures, myself i'm using the E.L.F. eyeslash curler..very cheapy but it's kinda ok ;)

    Love, Denise

  4. I'm looking for a new curler you know, I love yours!^^ beautiful eyes dear! Kisses!

  5. Anonymous17:47

    I have used the Loreal 4D telescopic mascara which was very volumising and made my lashes very dramatic, but you'd have to use it with a curler as it didnt hold curl long. The best mascara I've come across is the Hypnose mascara by Lancome though it is very pricy! xx

  6. I've just found your blog and I've got to say that your really pretty! I don't use a eyelash curler I feel that they make no difference to my eyelashes xx


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