March 09, 2012

How to trim splitt hair ends

Did I mention that I love cutting my own hair?

Last time I showed you how to cut your fringe, if you have missed this post,you can find it here.
Today I will show you how to trim your hair ends.
How to get started

1. Start with dry hair. Using a comb divide your hair in two equal halves. Start with one half and clip back the other half for the meantime.
2. Twist clockwise the loose half from top to bottom, and cut off hair along the hair twirl that stands out. 3. Hold the twirl and cut off the tips.
4. Take the same strand again, comb trough and twirl again, but this time anti clockwise. And again cut off hair along the hair twirl that stand out and holding the twirl and finally cut off the hair tip.
     Repeat to the other half, and  you are ready to go!

xxx Marina

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  1. This is useful to know :) xxx

  2. Wow, I'm not brave enough to do this to myself, but this looks so awesome! I don't think it would really work for me though cause I have curly hair and a layered cut. Do you think it would?

  3. wow... cutting your hair by yourself sounds sooo cool. but i don't think i can do it. i'm not really good at these kind of things and i'd probably spoil it. but yours looks great! =D

  4. Anonymous17:55

    Thanks so much for this tip, it seems great and I must try it out :)

    - Indie by Heart

  5. Great tip! Thank you! x

  6. Your so brave! I've always been too nervous to cut my own hair!

    xo, H

  7. I do this too! My boyfriend thinks I am a bit OCD over it actually, I will trim off split ends while I watch a movie or TV - but it keeps my hair super healthy!

    The Urban Umbrella

  8. Wow, did i mention you're amazing before? Guess i probably did but i really can't understand how you do all of this. I would never dare to cut my own hair haha..

    Btw many many thanks for your comment, i guess it's the biggest compliment i've ever had ;)

    Love, Denise


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