February 08, 2012

UGG Boots - to wear or not to wear?

Hello ma beauties,

This post is dedicated to good friend of my, Philip .
Philip is of the opinion, that UGG boots should be forbidden and he wants you all ladies to know, that wearing UGG boots it’s not a sexy look, especially if you are over thirty… He downright claims that most guys think they're completely off-putting.
 He also doesn’t understand the logic behind wearing the UGGs on a wet, rainy day -  boots are usually soaked up to the knees!

So, what is it then with these UGG boots?

In Australia, where they were invented, 'Ugg boot' appears in the dictionary with a little footnote: "Derivation: ugly."

They're not a new fangled piece of sheepskin footwear, purely designed for fashion purposes. Instead, they were designed to be functional and user friendly. They were supposed to be worn at home to keep your feet warm. Hence the lack of waterproofing, mentioned above!

It was only when the boot arrived in America - and was given a huge boost by Oprah Winfrey in 2000, who spent more than $50,000 buying pairs for her 350 staff and included them on her Oprah's Favorite Things show - that it occurred to anyone to wear them in a place where strangers might see them.

Since then, these sheepskin boots seem to fox a fair few women. They're not a pretty looking boot, nor could they be classed as hot - but they are trendy, popular and remain, for whatever reason, 'all the rage'.

I mainly don't wear them because in my opinion they are a waste of money and boots with fake fur are just as soft, so in other words useless. And if you really look at a pair closely, they are actually really not boots at all, but slippers with ideas above their station.

So what do you think ladies, should the UGGs be only reserved for comfort of your home? Do you wear UGG boots and will you give them up, because guys think they are not a pretty look?

                                        xxx Marina


  1. I love my uggs!! I agree, they aren't the prettiest things but so so comfy and can't imagine my life without them now haha! :D

  2. I have a pair of Whooga Uggs and wear them at home; they're super comfy.

    Emma xo

  3. I HATE Ugg boots !! Why would I want to wear an ugly slipper in public when I have so many other pairs of nicer shoes ?! Looks like you either love them or hate them..



  4. Living in the midwest the UGG boots are a staple. But only when there's snow on the ground.

  5. I must admit Im not a fan of Ugg boots :P

  6. I love my uggs...lol... Got them on right now....but I know what you mean..... Xx

  7. Haha i found this funny, thankfully i don't dress to impress anyone, especially guys :L UGGs are the most comfiest thing ever.....however thats if you're buying the real ones. The fake one's just look awful.x

  8. I don't have Ugg boots but I have similar ones called Koolaburra! I don't mind them. I just wear them when I need to do a quick errand while in my sweats or whatever! They are SUPER comfy that's why!!

  9. I don't use fur so I have never had UGGs, but I used to have a faux fur one with a similar look years ago (when they were at their trendiest haha)
    Personally I don't mind them and I think they can be potentially (key word) styled cutely (ie: shorts with UGGs) and I know some guys who find them sexy haha
    I think most people love them because they are so comfortable (hello slippers that are okay to wear in public!) and they were the fashion IT shoe for awhile.



  10. Me and my dad call them UGGly boots I'm not a fan and honestly never will be! The only reason I could see myself wearing these is for lazy days with oversized sweatpants or around the house! I agree with you not an outing pair of shoes.

  11. Honestly i think that UGG it's more for a very relax outfit,but i like it

  12. I have never had a pair of Ugg boots but then its just not my sort of style - I think they are ok but to an extent. I definitely would say they are not sexy - more comfortable and practical. Catherine XxXx

  13. I agree with Catherine 100%...Sorry but i just don't like this boots:)Thank you for following me,I follow you right now back:):)Much love

  14. I don't have a pair, way toooooo hot here in our climate. I think they look to much like slippers to be worn out. You have a special place here I will follow on my way out. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  15. i don't have any pair! but i have some of them similar from Zara! ;) I know about your blog rich know so i follow you, follow each other?? big kiss!


  16. They are not my personal favorite....however, I like them for their comfort and warmth !!

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  17. I am not a huge fan of these types of boots. First of all, the shearling gets dirty easily in the Chicago snow, and they're quite expensive. I prefer to buy nylon quilted boots! I agree with your friend :)

  18. colorful Ugg boots are amazing and comfi, Beautiful, I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back

  19. Anonymous09:21

    lolol so true. spending $300 on a pair of uggs is ridiculous because they look like they're worth $50!
    I own a pair it was a gift, they're useful to wear out when you'r lazy but it's so not worth the price and I have promised myself not to buy a second!


  20. I love the fake Ugg boots- in the comfort of my own home! I would never spend any kind of money on Uggs, because well, they're slippers! If I made the kind of money to afford them, I would be able to afford under floor heating, so I wouldn't need them...

  21. Love those sheep pics - so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  22. I love ugg boots for there comfort and warmth in the winter but I do agree with others that they aren't particularly stylish. I couldn't live without them though! :)

  23. I hate Uggs! They do look comfy, but very very ugly! My friends an osteopath, and she told me they can damage you back because of the lack of support!

    Kate x

  24. Thank you all for your lovely comments.... and the moral of the UGG Boot story is: some like it, and some don't.... I guess its just like with everything in life! xxx Marina

  25. I can't do the Uggs...I think they've been abused. They should be reserved for taking the dog out only. Ha!

  26. I've always thought Uggs were ugly, but in college I broke down and bought a pair. They were perfect for long nights at the library, etc. I never have worn them as a "fashion statement" though and typically only pull them out when I'm having a bum around day!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  27. I don't have a pair but I don't think they are ugly. They are just for really cold plus casual days. Definitely not for every occasion.

  28. I was anti ugg for years.. I think they are so bloody ugly! Then I tried a pair on.. and I now have about 3 pairs. They may be ugly as hell but oh my god are they snuggly!!!

  29. I love this post; although I am like most of your followers and lOVE UGGS! I wear them with anything and everything. For me it is not so much that UGGs are comfy; but more-so because I am a big sack of lazy bones and I can easily slip these babies on!

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