January 05, 2012

Slim Down and Reduce Wrinkles with Salmon

Did you know that salmon can help you lose weight?

Well, now you know. Salmon is a concentrated form of protein which helps to
build and sustain muscle and, because muscle burns 8 times
more calories than fat, it also helps to trim you down.
It helps you feel fuller for longer, because oil moves  through the small intestines so slowly.
 In my experience salmon helps me to eat less  ,  and to be honest there is no way I  could eat more than one  Salmon steak ever.

I also noticed that I  had  less cravings for sweets, and believe me I have a serious sweet tooth.
So if you are trying to lose weight try to incorporate Salomon on daily basis, be it for  breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a quick snack.
Best way to eat salmon, is grilled, with steamed vegetables on the side.

And would you eat more salmon if you would know that it it can fight wrinkles on your face?

Salmon will also keep your skin plum , and the research  has shown  that it can  help boost the skin's ability to retain water.
So it’s kind of a built in  moisturizer and it help with the skin dryness.
It also  helps improve the production of collagen, keratin and melanin, which is needed  to make your skin strong and elastic.
As we age, the production of collagen in pur body  slows down and this results to the aging of the skin, which is characterized by signs like , wrinkles, age spots and general  dullness.

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation in the body.
This can help to reduce and protect the skin against sunburn and skin cancer.

Salmon has many more health benefits as mentioned here, so if you are interested you could a  little research in  the internet.

I like my salmon  best smoked and served on blinis and fresh Greek yoghurt… hmmmm

                                              xxx Marina


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