January 12, 2012

Dolce & Gabbanna - Rose the one - perfume

This year, I got  D&G The One Rose fas a Christmas present , a two piece  box set: 30 ml Eau de Toilette and  100 ml Body Lotion.
I didn’t had a chance to review it so far, and also wanted really to wait and see if I really like the perfume, since I didn’t really choose myself,
All I can  say is:  I cannot  put into words how much  I love my new perfume…. Totally adore....

I fell  head over heels in love with  D&G The One Original years ago, think it was in 2006, which ended up being  my signature  scent for two years…
 and I  have to say I prefer this one over the original which I find bit overpowering now.
The One rose is  a very romantic fragrance,  it would make a nice wedding fragrance, it's so soft with a little sweetness and delicious creamy notes, but not overwhelming in any way.
The base notes  are roses and vanilla.
The lasting power is great; I spray this on myself around nine in the morning and I can  still smell it when I get back home around five  in the evening.

The  a complying Body lotion has the same scent and comes in a pretty pink rose bottle, which looks great on my dressing table…
I can’t really judge for its moisturizing  qualities since I have only used it  only once on my arms, but they did feel soft and silky after  the application…
 I find it bit too expensive to use all over my body anyways… 

The box was really pretty too, so I  decided to keep it as a storage unit for my fashion earrings…  and it’s doing a great job so far!

Did you buy any perfumes this year?

xxx Marina


  1. perfumes r every girls weakness!!lucky u
    Be sure to check out my new post
    Love & Luck

  2. Oh I haven't smelt this before, will have to try the tester next time I'm out shopping!

    Jen xx

  3. Anonymous14:47

    Thanks so much for following me and leaving such a sweet comment; I'm from Ireland too! Following back, of course :) xoxo, Veena



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