January 13, 2012

get fuller lips without fillers or surgery

Bigger and plumper lips are considered to be most attractive part on a woman’s face.

Did you  also always wanted to have fuller lips, or are you considering lip fillers at the moment?
I tell you, there is no need for that…. Face  workout  is  much safer and cheaper option…and it really works....

You can do these exercises where you want to;  while you watch telly, walk on the street, drive your car,  read a book and even  in your office, that is only  if you have a sole use of the office , otherwise your coworker  might think that you have gone  mad.  Just make sure you do them every day.
I have been doing this exercise  for about a year now and I defiantly can see an increase in my lip fullness.

So Get fuller lips now, try these effective  lip workouts!

1. Saxophone player
People who play musical wind instruments such as saxophone have fuller lips, because these

instruments exercises the muscles of the lips. Cheeks are naturally the meatiest part of your face, so toning them up will increase their muscles mass and make your face appear more plump and full.
This exercise will also  and minimize  the marionette lines and hollow cheeks, that age you most.
Puff up both with air, then transfer the air from check to checkAlternate from side to side until you are out of breath.

Repeat five times.

2. Fish face
This exercise will firm and tone your cheeks and lips
Smile while slightly pursing your lips. Withdraw and pinch cheeks into hollows of your face as you do so.
Repeat 10 times.

3.Blowing Kisses
This will increase the size of the lip muscles and make them therefore bigger.
Purse your lips as if you are about to  kiss someone  hold for five  seconds and relax them back again in their natural position
Repeat 20 times.

For more face workouts check out the following books:
The Yoga Face
The Ultimate Facercise

I also use the Derma roller on lips and so far I had great results with it - it defo has increased the size of my lips and the look bigger and plumper.

Check out my youtube video how to:

You can buy the  Dermaroller here : goo.gl/t0zXK4

Tip: Lip plumper and nude lip pencil trick
Another  natural way to get your lips bigger is by using lip plumper and a nude lip pencil that is color of your lips
When applied on the lips, lip plumper irritates the thin layer of the lip skin due to presence of menthol and camphor.
This causes slight swelling of the lips and makes them appear bigger.

Apply a nude lip lip liner that is the color of your lips  and Line lips outside the natural lip line.
Then apply your lip plumbing gloss.

  My favorite lip plumper
Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner in East End Snob and Obsession
This is an automatic creamy  lip liner,  which is light rose color and is the perfect shade of my lips but better.
Its long lasting, applies smooth but also wears of evenly with the lip gloss , so you are not left with clown like mouth.

This is  a light pinky coral, but looks really natural. I love this color because it is such a flattering nude on my skin.
The texture is nice and thick, with a subtle vanilla scent.
It's quite long lasting, and it feels soft and moisturizing, and it never dries out my lips.
It’s quite pricy though, paid 28 Euros for 4.5 g lip gloss at Brown Thomas, Dublin.

Guerlain KissKiss Essence De Gloss in Bois de Rose (461)
This is my favorite lip gloss of all the time, and I have purchase it so many times.
It’s also supposed to more a lip treatment than a gloss and this really make my lips fuller and softer.
The colour is warm medium rose, quite well  pigmented but not very buildable,
it’s more lightweight and non-sticky, but  keeps my lips so moisturized.
See  also my full review here .

Top Tip:

I also use  baby cream Bepanthen on my lips as an overnight treatment. Bepanthen contains Pro Vitamin B5 or  Panthenol, which can repair and  deep moisterize your lips . See also my reviewhere   about this little wondercream.

Hope these tips will give you also  a  super pucker girlies!

xxx Marina

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  1. ooo, thanks for the tips! i really like that color. it's light and girly!


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    how big were ur lips to start with


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