January 04, 2012

How to Make Your Own Eye Shadow Palette

Do  you many  eye shadows you never really use,  but don’t  know what to do with them?
why don’t make your own Eye shadow palette?

 All you need is a medium CD ROM  box or a regular Cd case, knive and some glue.  If you're using a CD case you will need to remove the plastic circle that holds the CD in place.

 Take out the eyeshadows out of ther original containers with sharp knive and arrange the eye shadow colors into the DVD or CD case

Apply  glue to the bottom of each eye shadow refill and place it back in the case
Allow the glue to dry thoroughly
You can also decorate your box and note the colors and brands of eye shadow you have placed inside
And voila finished is your new eye shadow palette!
                                              xxx Marina

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