January 17, 2012

How to create your personal lipstick shade

Are you looking  for a perfect shade of  lipstick or for that one  particular shade and you couldn’t find  in any store, that perfectly suits your complexion and clothes?
Here comes the solutions.... Why dont you just create  your own personal lipstick shade?

All you need is your favorite lipsticks you want to mix together, one empty lip container case,
large spoon,  a tea lightand  bit of creativity…  Now  I am sure you are wondering , where I am gonna get an empty lip container from: Just scoop out one of your lipsticks you almost have used up  and make sure they are turned down to the very bottom. 
So get started:
Cut of small piece of the lipsticks you want to mix together .
Place lipstick pieces on a very  large spoon.
Mix the lipsticks together with a small stick until the color is smooth and even.
You can also mix tiny amount of the color at the back of your hand so just to see if the colors
suit your skintone.
Light a candle and heat the lipstick mixture until fluid.
Transfer the heated mixture carefully into the empty lip container.
Let the mixture cool down for about  20 -30 minutes, before you can use your new lipstick.
Do not place into fridge, otherwise lipstick will crack.

And voila, you have created your very personal lipstick  shade.

Hope the post will inspire you to get more creative, ladies!  See also my tutorial, how to make your own lip palette here.

xxx Marina

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  1. What a genius idea! I can never find the right lip color, so this will be awesome for me! Thanks!


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