December 23, 2011

Image Skincare


 am in love... ok not that kind of love you are thinking....
I found something I have been looking for my whole life... ok maybe not my whole life... more like the last five years, or actually  since a Clinique counter sales girl diagnosed me with "SUN DAMAGE".... yes  I was the one who worshipped the sun without even thinking about the sun screen, now I regret it....
Since the "SUN DAMAGE" diagnosis, I have been looking for products that will fade the horrible spots and make my skin look like a porcelain aka Nicole Kidman goddess...
have tried many high-end products including the Even better range from Clinique ( thank to that counter girl) without success until I came across now my beloved Imagine  products as I lovingly call them...

So far so good... have been using the Image skin care products now for three most and I clearly can see my skin improving:

- The sun spots are fading, skin tone looks more even
- My grown up acne is clearing up ( honestly, never had a bad break outs or anything, but always loads of blackheads)
- My skin is glowing and has a very smooth surface

Now the products:
Ageless total facial cleanser - I use the cleanser in the  morning and evening, it takes off the make up completely and leaves my skin refreshed with mint scent and light tingling sensation

Clear cell clarifying tonic - I use it after the Ageless total facial cleanser, this stings bit at first, this is due to the strong Salicylic Acid content, therefore also bit drying. but  I truly believe that this tonic has helped to remove the most of my skin deep black heads I never managed to get rid of... skin feels deep cleansed

Ageless Total skin lightening serum - Ok, I believe this is the key to lightening the dark spots, it feels bit odd at first, it has a watery substance, and I have a feel it just sits on my skin and it takes a while until its absorbed, but it defo has helped in fading the spots

Total resurfacing masque - hmmm not sure about this one; tends to dry out my skin a bit... so want be repurchasing this one :(

Ageless Total pure hyaluronic acid-  I mix it usually with theVital C hydrating repair creme for extra hydration,  also not sure about this one... was quite on an expensive side, so might do also without in future...

Vital C hydrating repair creme - LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this one, use  it usually on in the evening, because of the quite high Vitamin A content,  the next morning my skin looks like new: smooth, plump and rested, it feels like the skin was completely restored, always get loads of compliments in the office how radiant  my skin looks

Vital C hydrating enzyme mask -  apply it twice a week for thirty minutes: nice addition to my skin care regime, but don't really feel that my skin looks any better after the mask application, so might try another enzyme mask next time.

Have you ever tried any Image Skincare products? What is your experience so far? Or do you know any better products to reduce dark spots and clears away grown up acne?
Would love to  hear from you!
xxx Marina

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  1. Angeline00:52

    Great that you finally featured their products. IS aren't sold in stores and can be found only in clinics and boutiques. But they are really worth it. I used the Daily Defense products regularly and I can say they are much better than those sold in stores.


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