September 29, 2019

How to Make Natural Perfume with Essential Oils - for Beginners

In this video I will show you How to Make Natural Perfume with Essential Oils at home. The video is aimed for Beginners  and Novice Perfumers and would be especially beneficial to Aromatherapist who would like to venture into the world of perfume.

You will need: 
Essential Oils of your choice:
 3 Base Notes, 
3 Middle/Heart Notes 
and at least 1 Top Note.
Perfumers Alcohol ( you can also use Vodka) 
50ml Beaker ( you can also use shot glass or small glass instead) 
1 glass stirrer
Empty 10ml Rollerball bottle
or you can also get proper perfume bottle. 
We will be making 10ml pure perfume and if you  have a bigger bottle - you will have to multiply the quantity to fill the bottle ( for example 30ml bottle = 3 Batches of 10ml Perfume) 

Here is the full recipe that I have used in the video:
Base Chord:
4 drops Vanilla
8 drops Sandalwood
8 drops Benzoin

Middle Chord/Heart Chord
4 drops Jasmin
5 drops Rose Absolute
6 drops Gerenium
1 drop Clove

Top Chord
5 drops Bergamot

Hope you liked the video!

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