June 15, 2017

How to make Rose Infused Oil at Home

Rose is my favorite flower and scent - and besides looking and smelling good - this little powerhouse has many benefits to offer.

Rose essential oil is one of the most expensive oils and the reason being for that is that it very labour intensive to produce rose oil : It requires more than 10,000 pounds of rose petals to distill just one pound of rose oil!

Rose oil is excellent for all skin types, especially for sensitive, dry and mature skin. It calms down inflammation and it can help with broken capillaries.

Rose scent is an aphrodisiac and makes the women also more feminine - this is the reason why it's used in over 96% percent female perfumes.

Rose oil can help with the disorders of the female reproductive system - it cleanses, regulates and tones the womb and it's also recommended for PMS and the menopause.

Rose oil instills harmony and positivity and its recommended for all states of depression. The scent of the rose alleviates anger, grief, jealousy, resentment and tension. It can also release past trauma and it's especially beneficial for a closed heart, encouraging love and compassion.

Rose infused oil is not to be confused with the Rose essential oil which is more powerful and well, also more expensive - be prepared to pay up to 40 Euro for 2ml Rose Essential oil. So it's cheaper to use rose infused oil and you will get still some of the benefits that this little beauty has to offer - in this video I will show you how to make the rose infused oil at home. I will show you two techniques - hot and cold infusion.

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