May 19, 2015

How to cleanse your skin like a PRO - The Double Cleanse Method

Did you know that the secret to a healthy and youthful complexion is a proper cleansing routine and not the face creams that you buy? I know, shocker! I am very often asked what cleanser or face cream I use, but to be honest, its not the product that does the work but the procedure in itself. And the good news is, you don't have to spend an fortune on a cleansing creams either, any milk or oil based cleanser would do the trick.
 I don't really do any harsh peels as I find that they dry out and irritate my skin and the double cleansing method takes off dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal the gentle way.

 The double cleansing method that I will be showing you in my YouTube video is a technique used in many beauty salons by professionals. If you do the routine often enough, you will be rewarded with a fresh and youthful looking skin and your face serums and creams will also work better!

 To get started you will need:

 Eye Makeup Remover
 Cream Cleanser
 Face Toner
 Cotton pads
 Face sponges
 Bowl with warm water 

 Hope you like the tutorial! 

 xxx Marina

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