April 04, 2015

Revlon Photoready Skinlights - Review

In summer, I generally use very little foundation, I prefer a BB Cream or a Tinted moisturiser and of course I can't be without highlighter in summer.

My favourite highlighter at the moment must be Revlon Photoready Skinlights  - as I use it almost everyday.  In my opinion the Revlon Photoready Skinlights  Highlighters are the perfect dupes for MAC Lustre drops.
Although not cheap at € 18.99, I still find its a good value for money as you get loads of product and
if you only use it as a highlighter on the high-points of your face, than this could easily last you a year or more.

The shade Bare light suits my skin tone perfectly and it just looks I have an amazing beautifully glowing skin. As you can see below in the photo I am wearing the 100 Bare Light shade as a primer all over my fave and I have only used a concealer where I needed to conceal the blemishes.

100 Bare Light - suit most lighter and warmer complexions
200 Pink Light - suits very pale and cooler complexions
300 Peach Light - suits darker complexions  and also looks great on  tanned skin 

xxx Marina 

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