April 21, 2015

How to apply individual eyelashes - Tutorial

The individual eyelash application might be bit tricky and but it gets easier with practice. This method works for me best when I apply the lashes to myself:
Before you start with the application, make sure you have applied all the eye makeup including the mascara.
Start at the outer corner of the eye and work towards the inner eye corner. Pick up one lash with your tweezers, dip it into the glue,let the glue set for about 20 seconds and drop it onto your lashes exactly where you want it. Then press on your lash line with the back of the tweezers. It helps if you’re looking down into a mirror. To help the lashes really bond to your natural lashes, pinch your natural and false eyelashes together between your fingers firmly.
How to remove individual eyelashes:  lift the outside edge of the eyelashes and pull gently. Any glue residue can be removed with an oil based cleanser.

Here is a YouTube tutorial how to apply the individual eyelashes. Hope you like it.

xxx Marina 

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