January 26, 2015

7 Makeup Mistakes most women make ( and how to fix them)

In this video I will show you the most common makeup mistakes women make - are you guilty of THEM? 

As a makeup artist, I love looking at women's faces and I often imagine what I would  do with them   (makeup-wise of course!). Everyday I see women wearing the the foundation either light or to dark, cheeks contoured with a blush, eyeshadow and eye pencil unblended and lips overdrawn.  And don't get me even started at those HD-Brows- seriously who came up with that idea? When I see someone sporting those monstrous angry bird brows, I almost can't resist the urge to attack them with a facial wipe and start screaming to stop doing this to themselves!

But seriously, makeup correctly applied can make you look younger and well rested as if you had your 8 hours sleep. On the other hand, incorrectly applied it will add years to your face and will makeup you look tired.

In the video clip I am using the same products, the only difference is the application. See for yourself how much only a small step can change your face. 

Hope you like the video and have learned something new! 

xxx Marina 

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